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Default Picture of what suboxone strips will probally look like

Go to : to see another product that Monosol makes for another product. I imagine that the Zuplenz Film Strips will be very similar to the suboxone strips comming soon. Hope fully someone else will come here with real pictures of The sub. film strips, but in the meantime this picture prebally represwnts what the packaging and film strips will look like. Monosol is the same company that is going to make the suboxone strips.
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I have a pic of what the film will look like exactly.

Here you go

If the picture didn't post. Thats the link for it.
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So Teeny! That's way smaller than what I thought! When I got my script today, my doctor accidentally wrote it for Suboxone instead of Subutex, and the pharmacist at Walgreens told me about the film and the 75 dollar coupon. (I knew about it from this site, but I thought that was pretty cool of him!)
I got it switched out, but if the 75 bucks off deal is still going on when I get below 1mg, I may ask for the strips, to get a more accurate dose.
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