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Default anyone in SUB treatment from east TN. area ?????

is anyone in treatment from the east TN. / knoixville area?? need advice before starting treatment, dr's, prices, insurance??

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Timbhamaxx22-Hi there, welcome to our big,loving,supportive and educational web-site. If you are truly looking for help, you found the place to get it, I promise. I assume you aren't already on Suboxone just because you had a few questions that you would probably know if you were. So, assuming that I would suggest first to use the matching system. On the right of your screen in the purple bar there is a link for a matching system. You just answer a few questions and there is one place to leave a comment if you need to. Things like insurance issues or any other important things a Dr. should know before they decide to respond to you. I urge you to be honest, otherwise you'll be wasting your time and end up with a lot of responses, but the Dr. may not be able to work out a treatment plan with you if he/she doesn't know everything you need help with. I have had two Dr.'s myself, my first was a nightmare although I did get started on the Suboxone there. My second Dr. took some effort to find but he is the best! I have said this before on previous posts , but really, he is the best Dr. I have ever been to for anything! He is "one of us" in a way, shows true compassion and understanding. He really listens when you talk, gives great advise and he is the type of person,(at least for me) that makes you want to do better. He has expectations as far as clean UA's, but other than that no other strict rules. He suggests plenty of things you can do for yourself, but doesn't require you to do any of it. I hope you don't think I mean he just has you pee for him then writes you a prescription, I just mean he leaves it up to you to do all the other work that goes along with taking this medicine. He will say that to succeed and change your life you will need some type of therapy, AA/NA meetings or something. I could go on and on but I guess by now you get how much I like him. I also live in Tn. in a town called McMinnville. I know how far away you are but if you wouldn't mind traveling to Chattanooga Dr. Zotos(my Dr.) is located there. Just my opinion but I think it would be worth it. Then again when you do the matching system you may get answers from Dr.s that are way closer to you. You asked about prices and insurance also. I don't know if you have any, but I can tell you there are very few, but some, Dr.s in Tn that do take Tenn-care. If you do not have any the prices vary from state to state and city to city. The 1st appt. always is the most from what I have learned myself and from other people on the site here. Dr. Zotos is cash only(you can file to your insurer on your own for reimbursement). His first visit is $220. The rest after are $120 and you normally go once a month. If you go to him for 3 months and haven't used he will let you come every other month, which ends up being pretty cheap. You would not believe of the prices at some places! I would have never been able to afford help had I not found him. The medicine would most likely be covered by insurance if you have it, if not I would try to get prescribed the new generic Subutex. The cost of the pills themselves change from store to store also.
OK, I hope I helped at least a little. I'm worried I rambled about unnecessary info. but my excuse is I'm up way past my bedtime and extremely tired. I don't think or write best when I'm like this, LOL.
I'll check back to see if you posted and if you got any responses from the Dr./patient matching system. Good luck on your search, it took me 4 months after I decided I needed help to find one but I tried over and over and over. It paid off to be persistent!
Tell us a little more about yourself if you wouldn't mind. Have you been addicted to opiates long? Have you tried to quit on your own before? I tried but was never strong enough to even make it one day through the withdrawals. Reading on this site though for the last 7 months every day I have seen a few people prescribed Suboxone when more than likely they might have been able to taper off their medicine with a Dr.'s care instead of starting Suboxone treatment. Only you know how bad off you really are. I admit I could be way off here saying that, I just wanted to suggest that if you could do it on your own that would be ideal.
I look forward to reading about your search. There is also our local hero around here somewhere most the time. Her name id Nancy B, she's an angel sent from heaven above and is like a moderator on the site or information guru about this treatment. As soon as she sees your post I almost can promise you she will post you a response with tons of info and links to other things to help you out. She knows her stuff, trust me, and has a heart of gold I swear. Other than that, I am done now. Sorry if I didn't help any. Nancy will, or the matching system should give you some answers within a few days about what your options are as far as Dr.s go in your area. Good luck, don't give up until you find what you need. It will change your life if you let it. Suboxone along with a lot of changes in my life have saved me. This site has also been a very important part of my treatment. Some of the most amazing, loving people come here and write. We also have 3 chats a week you can log into, plus another chat that is directly related to the 12 steps of AA/NA, only we here call it Steps Without Stigma. I recommend all of them, it's a great place to come get real time advise and chat with other people in your same position. Hope to see you around.
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Hi timbmaxx22, are you Tim from a few years ago? If so, welcome back, if not, welcome!

Alene gave you a lot of good advice, I'll just follow up with some links.

The matching system:

Steps Without Stigma forum:

Steps Without Stigma chat:

Regular chat:

There's also the manufacturer's Here to Help program, you might think about giving them a call to see if they know of anyone: 866-956-9204

Other people have found doctors by asking pharmacists - they fill the prescriptions and may know of someone; hospital referral lines; calling addiction therapists from the phone book; and calling the insurance company for a referral.

I hope this is helpful. Let us know.

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