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Default What happens when you stop believing?

I"ve been on this road for so long that I fail to see any other.I"ve heard every excuse you could probably imagine.I've yelled and screamed,I've cried my heart out so many times,I've written A number of letters,I've left,I've put him in detox tried compromise,I've threatened divorce,I've reasoned,I don't hide it from his family.His sister and mother have died because of this addiction.And still he continues.Each day I seem to distance myself a little more,maybe in the hopes that some day I can walk away.Not so easy to do,I'm not so young,in fact close to social security,but I don't wish to be a burden on my family.Not now anyway.Weekends are the worst,I hate them.I try to get away if I can.But I don't have many friends and I have imposed on them for far to long.I don't mean to say that this battle can't be won,because I have seen it happen.I have seen people beat it.But i know believe that he will never beat it.He has no desire to.Does he know how I feel?Yes,he knows and will say that he's trying,he just needs a little more time.But what he really means is that he has to try harder to hide it.Like that works!!!!
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Sorry,wrong forum,I guess I'm wasn't paying attention to where I was.don't know how to delete it
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Hi Patsy,

I feel so bad for what your are going through , but you did come to the right place, you can vent here and say anything you want, and we will just give you our advice and what has helped us, and you can do what you want with the info.
It is nice to come here because we are all stranger's and thing's we say here , we can't or are tired of telling our friend's and family.
We don know each other so we just try to support.
Feel Free to write to us, we all have a story!
Best of luck!
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You have every right to feel the way you do. At this point, why should you feel otherwise? It's only natural to protect yourself from hurt and dissapointment when you know nothing else. If you can't fix him....which you can' can only help yourself. Find something in each day for yourself and render youself powerless to what's happening to him. If your situation is not healthy, you have to make it healthy enough that you, yourself, have some quality of life.

We try to be neutral and non-judgmental and hope you can talk out your frustrations here. Perhaps some therapy would be helpful, too?

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