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Default Blessings 2 years today

Hi all today is 2 years being on suboxone? I am so thankful for the medication. I really want to know if this medication can still be causing me to be so sleepy, I do have sleep apnea and wear a CPAP, not from being over weight but I have central sleep apena where my brain forgets to tell me to breath. But back to the sub. can it make me so sleepy I fall asleep sitting up at work. And also I have been reading that some people take theirs at bed time, any advise? I have a droctor i have been seeing for 3 years but she had a baby and is no longer at the office I go to. I was thinking of going to another dr my daughter goes too but I am a little afraid if I change my old dr won't let me come back if it doesn't work our. Also I have a grand daughter that has been on this medication but can't afford it and her AHCCCS won't cover it which is so sad because it really works for her. As always thank you all for your help. I really love you all
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Hi tara555, suboxone could make you sleepy. Sometime that is a sign that your dose may be too high? What dose are you on? Suboxone can also make it hard for you to sleep. Some people do not take it to late in the day because it can cause sleeping problems. What time do you take your dose?
Sorry to hear about your grand daughter's medication problems. Have you checked with the manufacture of her medication and see if they have something like there is with suboxone, that if she can't afford it and qualifies that they may have were they will supply the medication? I'm not sure how many other medications have this type of program but it is worth trying.
Well I hope everything works out for you and your family.

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Hi tara555, congratulations on 2 years. As Darrin said, if your dose is too high, that could cause you to be sleepy. In addition to how much are you taking, how long have you been taking that dose for?

When will your doctor be back to work - is she on maternity leave, or just not practicing any longer?

Here's a link to the free med program - check and see if your granddaughter qualifies:

There's a generic Subutex now that runs from $3.50 or so for an 8mg pill. Would she be able to afford that - depending on what dose she's taking?

Let us know if this helps.

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