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Default Need Advice!!

This is my first post. I will make an incredibly long story as short as possible. My sister is an alcoholic. She has two daughters ages 6 and 10 and a husband and they are very well off. She has been to two rehabs, hospitalized more times Than I can count, been to outpatient etc....totaling well over $100,000. She locks her self in hotels and most recently an apt (husband leased for himself when they separated but had to move back home to care for their kids because she can't be trusted). When she locks herself in these places for days and weeks at a time she won't let anyone in. Each time the police or ambulance has had to remove her. She has never left these situations on her own. We don't know where she is getting her money. She doesn't eat or change clothes when she's on binges like this. She has no concept of reality. She doesn't know what she's doing. We are all scared that she just won't wake up one day soon. So my questions we leave her there or drag her against her wil again to the hospital?
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Hi fsbald01, welcome. I'm sorry to hear of the situation with your sister. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do until she really wants to seriously get help. When she went to the rehabs, was it her choice? Are there any times she doesn't drink and can maybe listen to reason?

You can look to see if your state has any laws about hospitalizing someone involuntarily. If you're in Florida, they have the Baker Act, which is "...a means of providing individuals with emergency services and temporary detention for mental health evaluation and treatment when required, either on a voluntary or an involuntary basis."

The important thing is that you and your family have to take care of yourselves. Have you looked into Alanon?
That has been a source of strength for others here.

Let us know how you are doing.

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fsbald01, Welcome to the site.
I'm a recovering alcoholic.
Like Nancy said there is nothing you can do if she does not want help.
Your situation is very bad.but you hands are tied.
Nancy list some help for you & her family.
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Rented apartments and binges sound familiar :-(

From my personal experience, there is always a reason behind drinking. I have been on binges myself for a time until I started digging into why I want a drink in the first place. Yes, I wanted to stop in the first place because it was devastating and while being sober I realized that.

In a short term detox/rehab might help to get your sister off the spree but in a long term there are probably issues that have to be addressed and resolved. Personal issues.

To answer your question - I would drag my brother or any other relative or even a close friend to a hospital/detox in situation like this. No doubt in my head.

Hope it helps!
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