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Default Drink driving coming up to Xmas

Hello everyone. Bright blessings to you all.

I am an alcoholic and i want to share something with you all.

I had lived a terribly dysfunctional life over here in dear ole Blighty and i drunk and drove, all my life. I went to court once, with kids in the car, got banned from driving, and drove home.

I drove through all the bans i have had. I had never had an accident because i was a "good driver". I was only ever arrested while speeding.

You are talking to a habitual drink driver that knows he is better than all of you, AND, knows he can drive better.


All those around me knew i drank and drove a car. They got it in time after time. I made them believe the same as me, i am "full of myself", so they got in. I didn't kill them thankfully.

3 years ago it was around Xmas time in dear ole Blighty, the roads were a bit icy, it was 10pm.

In the old days i would have given you a deep description of what happened, but i was drunk. I hit an island in the middle of the road, the car lifted,...spun... hit said pole, spilt in two, nothing was coming the other way, nothing was behind me, i rang the police, waited.

It took the police nearly 2 hours to find 1 of the front wheels such was the impact.

The road i was on is a thoroughfare. For there not to be anything or anyone on it at any given time is frankly a miracle.

I was banned from driving for 3 years. (I should have gone to prison)

My ban is finished in weeks time.

My friends i don't think i will ever drive again. I thought i was able... i was not. I am an alcoholic. I have been sober for a while now, yet if i succumbed to drink, AND had a car....would i act in the same way?

Please, it is with humbleness i write to you. If you know a loved one is drinking and driving, please snitch.

Yup, i said snitch, grass, tell on them....easy?

I was a drinking alcoholic that drove, i haven't for 3 years now. I could have killed goodness knows how many. I didn't. The amount of "near misses i had" well.......

If someone had called the cops, everyone would have definitely been around the next day at worst.

I do apologise. I know it sounds a bit over the top.

If you know someone is...tell.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you all.
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Sam Bailey
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Hey Tryn'!

Good job, Andy. Terrific post.

When I drank alcoholically, well I can't remember the number of times I drove while blank-eyed, shyte-faced drunk. It was a lot. I know most of you have done the same. More than likely, anyway.

So many mornings, I'd wake up with NO idea how I drove home. No idea, at times, how I GOT home, since I started out driving my car but ended up at home the next morning with NO auto in the driveway.

Where in hades was it?

My behavior was, bottom line, flippin' insane! The damage I could have done. The heartbreak and tragedy I COULD have caused.

Of course I didn't make it unscathed. Two DUIs before I was 20 years old. The first time, I merely got popped for nearly crashing into a cop car. Worst thing, I barfed in the backseat and, next day, was made to clean up.

Second time, I crashed into the rear-end of a car on a Freeway. The couple in my backseat were hurled into the front, I smashed against my front window (no safety bags back in those days). All of us hurt, none seriously.

My car was totaled. Their car was, well I don't know. The men inside, 5-6 of them, were all undocumented Mexican Farm Laborers. As soon as possible, they split, fearful, I'm certain, of being deported. Otherwise, I am also sure, my parents/I would have been sued for every cent we had. (No insurance back then either.)

Anyway. Too long of a story, when the key point is this one: I was busted twice. I COULD have been arrested 30-40 times. Probably more. Could have killed people. Injured them, at least. Severely. Could have, no question.

When I think about those terrible days today, when I look at my family, when I look at all those normal, innocent folks just going about their day, I shudder to imagine what might have been. What dark days might have been, caused by---me. When I think about my choices, I wonder, am astonished actually, how I could have ever thought that driving when drinking was, in any way, a good idea.

I was equally insane when the days of my drug addiction came upon me. But then, therein lies another tale, no less astonishing.

Anyway. Thanks, Andy. Quite the good post!


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R. Lee
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Tryn, Most of us drove drunk & thought nothing of it until we saw the lights of a police car or had that terrible accident. I for one had a police badge in my wallet. It kept me from going to jail only once. I was just stopped once. I thought I was a pro at driving drunk. There were so many yet's, if I chose to pick up a drink again. If I drink again I know that I will drive drunk again.
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