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Default What's he using

It's been a bumpy path since we split up 8 weeks ago I stopped him coming to my home to see the children because he was sending nasty ,sexual intimidating messages to me anspd getting agressive when I wouldn't answer ,he's done this several times which I ignore ,even when he's saying he can see me at 2 am when I am in bed .hes obsessed with me having someone else saying he can see them and are they still hitting me ,it's all in his head ,I don't believe this is just alcohol now I've been told he uses crack .he was took to hospital yesterday having a seizure and foaming at the mouth .his family are all yelling at me saying it's my fault as I won't let him see the kids I've created all the stress and he's on antidepressants .they won't believe me when I say what he says and does to me or my kids and definitely say he's not drinking or on drugs,what dipo I do ? I love my kids this is no life
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Buddygirl, You have done the right thing. Call the police if he threatens you & get a protective order keeping him away.

Best of luck.
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buddygirl, has he ever had an evaluation? if he gets threatening. And is showing paranoia and delusions about other men sounds like there are underlying issues. possibly bipolar or personality disorder. The drugs - alcohol amplify these disorders. If he steps over any lines, his family and police can baker act him. they will dry him out and look for underlying basis for his need to drink and be abusive. It would bring his life around to rational.
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