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Default A magic box of tricks.

Hello everyone. Bright blessings to you all.

Here we are. Another year, gosh how lucky we all are.

I wanted to give this thread the breath of fresh air as i know many float in and out of our family.

It is a new year. Another "go" at finding what lies beyond sobriety. (It is more beautiful than it is not), and i have suggested this thread as "A Magic Box Of Tricks", is because that is what we all are.

I suppose another way of putting it is a "well" of confidence we just can't seem to find, yet "magic" keeps us going.

I confess that my sobriety is entirely down to my own confidence. Not the confidence i manufactured, but the little bit that is left of me, just being me that i find strength to be from all that are here.

If i may, may i ask all those who have not yet spoken on this family's forum, yet may be thinking of sobriety, to share what your magic box of tricks are?

I found mine out by listening. When i did... i wrote what i felt. Then i learnt some more.

Alcoholics, addicts, are almost inclusively private folk. Admired from those around, yet lonely in heart and soul.

I am beginning to find, and most definitely am seeing around me, those finding theirs.

Magic and confidence really does exist.

Sooo.. remember an advert when some chap would swoop in a leave a box of chocolates?

So Tryn is asking newcomers to come on in, be part of the journey.

Together we are a box of magic tricks.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to all
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Thanks Tryn for extending your hand to those who still suffer.
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thank you Tryn, we are not lonely because we have each other, luv to you!
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Oh, Tryn. So glad you started this thread! I did not see it before inviting folks to talk about their "tricks" tomorrow, for those who want to start the New Year sober.
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