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Default Now what?

Ok so many of you know my situation with having an allergic reaction to the Sub. Well for some reason I thought (hoped) that if I put it in my cheek and gave my tongue a break I would be ok. Well I've realized that I am completely allergic to the Sub. I am hoping I'm just allergic to the Naltrexone and will hopefully get my doctor to make the switch to Subutex. I called his off-line number and he had a family emergency and won't be back until Thursday. I don't know what to do till then. I absolutely cannot take the Sub anymore. This morning I put half in my cheek and my gums swelled up, as well as my cheeks and lips. Yesterday I only took 4MG (i usually take 12) and I already woke up this morning feeling like sh*t. I don't want to go through W/D's until my doctor gets back. What am I supposed to do? I'm so sick of all this.
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Hello, omg you are having such a terrible time-it is awful for you! Bad time for your dr to be away. Doesn't he have someone on call? I have attached a link to the 3 day rule where another physician can prescribe sub even if they haven't taken the course. If you have walk in clinics, or even go to the ER, and explain your situation to them. Take your prescription bottle so they can see just what you are prescribed and ask if they can give you subutex for 3 days until your dr returns. Print up a copy of the link and take that with you too. You would have to go each day for your dose. Anyway, thought I would just throw this idea out. Hope you get some relief soon.

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Ok Nan..I will give that a try right now. I just was afraid I would end up taking opiates to hold me over till my doctor came back, and I know if I do that who knows if I will ever recover. Thanks for your advice. I wasn't aware of that rule.
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It did seem logical that if you were allergic to something in the medication that you would react the same no matter where you placed it in your mouth. Hopefully it is just the naloxone in the suboxone that is causing the problem. I would think that if you went into your doctor's office tomorrow and the office nurse saw the swelling that you are experiencing that she could call the doctor and let him know. Then perhaps he could call in subutex for you till he returns; just so you can see if it is the naloxone causing the problem. Of course there are also other ingredients in the medication that you could be sensitive to also.
In the meantime didn't you say that you took benadryl the other day and it helped? If so, you might try that until you can have someone get in touch with your physician. If necessary go back to the ENT and have him/her call your doctor. It is sometimes much easier for another doctor to get in touch with another physician than it is a patient. The specialist can at least validate your symptoms to your personal physician. The ENT physician could even call in the subutex for you also even without the special license according to the three day rule.

I know that this is frustrating.

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Miss Cherry, as I was reading your post I was thinking the exact same thing Nan was talking about. If you run into a "no" somewhere, keep trying. Take your emergency card with the phone number on it too, so's the DR can contact another DR. I, personally, would take my pharmacy printout so they know I've been on sub for a while. Just have "THE FACTS", don't be emotional or dramatic, be calm, cool and collected. You can do this. I believe it is for this kind of reason that they have the 3 day rule. If you have trouble, contact Tim or Nancy by email. This is no reason to have a "sublapse".

Let us know. Come to chat if you can.

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How about taking your prescription anywhere and having them replace it with subutex? (have the doctor log onto this site). Are you anywhere near L.A.?? If so, PM me and I'll give some info on a doctor here.
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