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Not sure where I should start,well I kicked my other half out few weeks ago as I'd had enough ,he's not a heavy drinker or at least I don't think so ,but a binge drinker.i didn't want alcohol in the house as I don't believe children should think it's ok to drink all the he says it's my fault as I wouldn't allow it .hes telling me that he's been to a alcohol addiction place to seek help but that's all I know.i have no idea how this all works ,what kind of help will he be offered and how long does it take ?obviously I have to sort mine and my children's life's out but am wondering if he will ever really be in our family and home again.hes a secret drinker so will I ever really trust him again .i know there's other who have been thru this and know what to expect.i hate my babies seeing all this and I'm so scared they will end up the same way like their dad,grandad ,great nan and maybe it really hereditary?
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I have been in a similar situation. Binges. Though I was on the other (drinking) side. So my wife did what you did - she took kids and left because it was intolerable for her and kids.

Nothing happened until I wanted to stop it. Cold turkey no buts/if/when/tomorrow. I could do that. Two things that really motivated me:

1. My wife took kids and left.
2. She did not shut all doors behind her meaning "get sober, quit drinking it and we will come back". I had hope, that was enough for me.

There has to be a positive motivation for your other half to stop drinking and a realization that drinking is a problem to begin with.

How long did it take? Months for me to get back on track, few slip-ups years apart. I could not have done it alone, without support and help from family/friends.

I do not believe it is hereditary but impressions on kids growing up can lead to similar behaviour because "mom and dad did so" (my opinion, not a medic or professional in this field, just observation).
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