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Default Xanax stole my memory

Hi everyone
I just started the suboxone program for a painkiller medication addiction. I am also withdrawing from Xanax. I have been prescribed Xanax for over ten years and have definitely not followed the prescibed dose of 1 mg twice daily. I generally took 2 or 3 mg in afternoon. Doctors have got me on diazepam on a reduction dose for a fortnight and stopped my Xanax. I feel betterr already. I want to know, is or did anyone have black spots I their memory after taking their Xanax? That is a major reason I am getting off it. The memory loss and decline in my cognitive abilities such as concentrating and reading was scaring me and annoying the heck outta my family as they couldnt tell me anything after I had taken it as I would lt remember. Has anyone on this forum had this happen and been off Xanax a while? Will my brain bounce back? Moat doctors and counsellors are horrified that I have been on it long term as it is a short term use medication. I think Xanax is evil. It is a false sense of security and it is so good. I used to call it my warm blanket. So any one out there that suffer black spots?
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I also have these black spots. Dont worry, you will get your memory back if you stop the use of benzodiazepines. Its not just xanax, valium and klonopin can also do this. Try something else or use ur benzos ONLY SHORT TERM. Tolerance leads to over-sedation. There's always other medications.
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