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Default Anniversary of my dads death

My dad has been dead for quite a few years now And I just wanted to share a bit about how I feel about that.

I spent years using the fact my dad was seriously ill and eventually
Dead to justify me being an addict.

I kept myself numb of feeling and pain by using drink and heroin
To block everything out.

I now know this does not help me in anyway,life goes on
And things will eventually get better.

Hope everyone is strong and happy.
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hi benx, you are right life goes on. sorry for what happen to your dad.
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Benx how are you doing? the past is the past and it can haunt us and we can continue to live the pain everyday, forgive yourself of anything you feel that you did, write it down, put a candle to it , and release it. You are a new person to go forward and live a sober non-addicted life. May each day bring you happiness now and a life you deserve.
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