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Service work is importent to me. I give back what was so freely given to me. I may not do a lot at times, but it feels good inside. When i went to my first meeting i was scared, but i wanted what they had. Today is good. Life has it's ups and downs. i manage to get threw them with HP and my fellow recovering alcholics. Jan H
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Hi - I'm a recovering alcoholic. A little over three years. I've learned a lot from the people that share their lives / stories with us here. Yes there are good days and bad days, such is life..... but life is so much better when alcohol is not involved, for me anyways.

I believe in a higher power but do not rely on that higher power for me to stay sober. I am however, in awe of the miracle of life when I take a moment to stop and admire the beauty of it all. We all have something to give....


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Dear Janice,
Did you see your thread?

Just wanted to make sure you knew it is there for you, would like to learn more about your story if you care to share. It is awesome that you are doing service work! Glad you are here and hope all is well. Take care, Carly
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Just being there can be twelve step service. I was in and out a lot in the late 70's to early 80's and it was a real comfort to see the same people (often in the same chairs) I felt like "Wow they are still here and they look good"

Active in service for years I slowed down quite a bit. I've been as high in service as coffee maker to as low in service as DCM. I was area chair for special needs and GSR (most important job in AA according to Bill W.) for a few groups.

We get no promise except another day away from the throes of alcohol but we really end up with a lot more.

So glad to enjoy service (I hated my coffee job and got many resentments over how long I had to do it which was over a year-poor ole me lol)
After I gave the job up, I wanted it back because I then saw how very important it was (it kept me sober and I had to be relied on)

Pass on your zeal to others you sponsor because of the benefit to them as well as to the fellowship (so few choose to do service I'm sure you know)

Easy does it

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