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Online "Chat" Mondays from 8:30 to 10:30 Eastern Time:

Steps Without Stigma is a "12 Step" program adapted to medication-assisted treatment.

Advances in medical science brings a greater understanding of the disease of addiction and therefore, more choices in treatment – including medication. This has been known to cause friction, if not outright discrimination, at some AA/NA meetings where the abstinent way of recovery is thought to be the only way.

Even though religion and spirituality are not one in the same, this misconception has shied people away from the 12-step traditions.

This forum and the 12-step chat are designed to transcend the stigma of medication-assisted treatment and the misconception of religion in the steps to make them a viable option for anyone interested in working the steps without stigma.

Mike and Angela are not here to act as sponsors, but to use their life experiences with the steps to break down any questions so as to help others to apply the steps in their lives. It is suggested though that you find a face-to-face sponsor in either NA or AA.

More information:

Hope this is helpful!

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