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Cool new to site wanted to start a thread

Just wanted to know if anybody knew of any kick ass meetings? and explain why they are so kick ass.
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Hi tagyourit!

Hope your having a good day. Over the years I have heard a few times people say, "every meeting's a good meeting", and for them this may be true. But, I'm here to tell you I have been to some meetings that truly sucked.

I have some "kick-ass" meetings I attend here In Loveland, CO. But I doubt if they would be of interest to you. I see from your profile you are in b-town, Washington.

It seems the meetings I feel that are "kick-ass" are those where I sense that most everyone in that meeting are there to find a common solution to the disease of alcoholism, and that they are serious about it. The meetings where there are a lot of court-slippers or people trying to get somebody off of their backs do not help me to stay sober. The twelfth step is pretty much what my life is about. How do I twelfth step someone who has no interest whatsoever?
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R. Lee
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Cool new to site wanted to start a thread

Welcome R. Lee. We've moved your post to here:

So that more people will see it.

Thank you.
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