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Default I had to laugh.

I was running an education/ discussion group with people in early recovery.
It was getting pretty esoteric as we were discussing the role of the higher power in recovery.
Most of the group was able to keep up. Although grasping the higher power concept is not easy. There was one guy who was fairly new to the group, and as the group wore on he appeared to get more and more upset. He sat in silence looking like he was gonna explode.
I kept my eye on him, and made sure he noticed I was noticing his affect and discomfort.
I gave him space.
But I was a bit worried. He looked pissed!

After the group I pulled him aside to ask if he was going to be okay.
He calmed down little bit as we talked and eventually said, still appearing somewhat angry, without irony, mind you. Dead serious.
"I had no F#*@ing idea what you were talking about, but I think it sounded like you were helping me!"
I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing, at first he looked stunned by my reaction and then he joined right in.
We got along just fine after that.

He's doing much better.
Still sober.
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That is Funny Jerry,
I used to get the similar responses when explaining if you do not believe in a God .. or anything greater or higher than yourself- use the door knob as your higher power if you need to, which is what I was taught a long time ago. Then that led to - well how can a door knob be my HP - it's a door Knob ! Well - they are right. I learned to stick with - use the group as your HP and it was much easier to take it on faith.

I am glad he got a good laugh and is still doing well : ) Carly
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