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In no way do I want to minimize the seriousness of the nature of this forum, but I was thinking of this joke I heard early in my sobriety and want to share it. I hope you all haven't heard it already.

A man drowned in a vat of beer at a brewery. The foreman of the brewery knew the man's family and took it upon himself to tell the wife the bad news. The foreman went to the deceased man's house and with much sympathy told the wife the bad news. Of course, she took it hard. There was a lot of hysteria, crying, etc. After some time she regained some composure. She asked the foreman if her husband had suffered at all. He replied, "I don't think so. A couple of people saw him get out of the vat twice to go to the bathroom".
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thats hilarious
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Thank you !! I needed a laugh. That's the first time in a while. Feels better than crying.
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I can picture the guy crawling out of the vat, so as not to pee in his beer only to stumble back in and drown from being so is a funny joke. Sometimes we need to laugh at our situation and not always be so down about it.
I remember an AA meeting years ago and you couldn't talk about drinking and drugging at all, slapped on the hand if you did, so keep up the laughter, it's great medicine!!
Remember the little train that couldn't!!! Jamielee
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R. Lee
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Great joke thank you, yes we can have fun in sobriety & even learn to laugh. I spent 42 years turning beer into pee!
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Well said LEE !!! : )
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