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hello,my name is scott and im new.i very much feel i have a drinking problem,and could really use some input.
i really need someone to talk to.
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Hi Scotta,
the good news is there are many options now and a much better understanding of what alcohol addiction is and how to treat it. I came here thinking there was little hope for my husband but now I am amazed at how many options there are. hang in there. Why do you think you have a problem?
Melony55 [:X]
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im a binge drinker and i know that no one should drink like causes me GREAT depression and remorse.i miss a lot of work.
every weekend is the same and sometimes during the week.i binge and fall into a depression.and then i suffer anxiety attacts the next day.
thanxs for replying,i think this sight is great,
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Hi Scotta

I hope you take some time today to seek a therapist. Do you have insurance? Sometimes you will have to call a special number on the back of the insurance card to get names of therapists on your plan, if you do have insurance. Is there anything else I can help you with?

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You can also go online and find the big book of AA,There is a chapter called how it works that discribs the A peronality.There are many stories is the may find a story that you find simualar.Good read.Good luck.Sassygirl
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