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Default Help finding doc WA State Medicare AND Medicaid as secondary

Hello I'm new to the site and hate to bypass inductions but I'm kind of in a desperate spot so I'll get right to the point. I'm in an outpatient program that prescribes me suboxone and accepts my Medicare and writes off my remaining balance to charity since I have WA Medicaid (through Molina )which they are obviously NOT contacted with since this program is in Oregon (I live in Vancouver, Washington). They only prescribe while I'm in the program and since I'm graduating soon I'm facing either being tapered ode in a very short period of time or by some miracle finding a provider, which i have been looking for the past two months I've been in the program. The main problem I'm running into is that even if a provider actually has openings and also takes Medicare by some miracle, they can't see me as a patient because they don't accept WA Medicaid.. I don't understand why they can't just quit the remaining balance off to charity? They won't even let me pay for the twenty percent Medicare doesn't cover that Medicaid would normally pick up. Any help or info would be appreciated as I'm running out of time and would like to be on maintenance for at least six months.. I'm even willing to try methadone as a last resort but I'm having trouble figuring a clinic or provider for that either. I've used the samsha provider locator and created a profile at treatment match dot org but only got three responses none of which were helpful.. Also I called a suboxone clinic in Oregon that had openings and takes Medicare but they told me I needed to switch my insurance to Oregon Medicare if I wanted to be seen.. I thought she meant Medicaid, surely, but no she was talking about Medicare? I haven't had problems using Medicare in Oregon before so I'm just confused. Thanks for reading and for your time and help!
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Hi peach, welcome. Unfortunately I don't know how the medicaid/medicare system works and it seems to be different from state to state. Have you called Molina to see if they can provide a direction for you?

I found this:

Is that your insurer? If so, if you go to Opiate Replacement, it doesn't seem to be covered.

But buprenorphine is listed on the formulary. See pdf page 23 on this pdf.

Did you try this link to find a provider?:

Have you asked the place you're currently going if they can help you find treatment or maybe extend your treatment until you do find something?

Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to think of any options there might be.

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