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Default A disaster

I paid a bunch of money to go to a clinic to get off oxys. All I will say about the place is the "CEO" is now on trial for fraud, trafficking in narcotics, money laundering and living off the proceeds of crime. The place was like that.

I forgot to mention above that he hired 2 doctors to work the place who didn't have licences. Minor detail. It was a very fast taper: Withdraw from opiates for 48 hours, start at 8mg of suboxone for 2 days, 6mg 2 days, 4mg and then 2mg for 2 days. And then you jump. It was amazingly horrible and it lasted for 6 months, until I started back on oxy for my pain.A year later, I found one of the 2 doctors in practice who had a license to prescribe either suboxone and methadone. This is in a city of 925,000.

He started me on suboxone 6mg. The worsout sde effect was insomnia. No biggie. After about 3 months my usual depression got worse. Now, it is practically unbearable and there isn't a soul I can talk to. I am estranged from everyone in my family except for an uncle and a cousin. Daily life is a struggle to get from morning to night and I spend a lot of time in bed alone. No life. Even my dog seems very distant. You know you're depressed when you wish you hadn't call 911 10 years ago when I had a heart attack.

I don't know what to do. I know that suboxone isn't for me. I want to either wean off it or get onto methadone. Methadone works wonderfully on pain for me. Amazingly, 5 years ago I got off 100mg of methadone in 6 weeks and I felt absolutely wonderful. BUT when I failed a piss test and they couldn't find any methadone, I was in big trouble. Selling prescribed methadone will get you an easy 5.
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Hi Nigelstapuft, welcome. Sorry to hear what's going on with you. What dose of bupe are you currently taking and for how long have you been at that dose? Do you have a pain management doctor who will transition you to methadone for pain or do you have to go to a clinic for methadone for addiction?

Sorry for all the questions.

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