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Post Prior Authorization

Hey everyone!! It's PA time this month. I've had some bad experiences with getting my prescription approved due to mistakes on paper work. I'm hoping everything goes smoothly this visit. If anyone has any advice on speeding up the process of getting a PA through Medicaid, I'd appreciate the help. Have a great day guys 😊
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Sam Bailey
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Hey Izzy!

I'm sorry, but I have no experience with Medicaid. So, no help with that. Again, sorry.

However, I do want to congratulate you on the progress in your recovery life.

In your other post I saw that you started WAY early with some pretty potent opiates...then from there transitioned to Methadone, which, in my experience, was the toughest opiate to get off.

But after all those years, you and your husband appear to have held your lives together pretty darn well. Good for you! And now that you're on a Sub schedule, well IMO, you've made the right choice.

There's more to recovery, as I'm sure you know, than "just" another medication. But as far as any med goes, Sub is the best choice.


Welcome Izzy. Sobriety offers you, and all of us!, a whole new world of freedom, and a renewed clarity of mind, health and spirit!

best to you!

sam b
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Good evening Izzy,

I have learned to ask for the pharmacy manager and consistently work with him/her until the PA is established and your prescription is filled. If the manager is not available, ask when the manager will be in and work specifically with the pharmacy manager.

Do not waste your time with the pharmacy technician or anyone outside of the manager. In fact, if the manger is not there, don’t even mention it or try to explain it, you will have most likely wasted your time. Call back when the manager will be there.

Also, keep in touch with your doctor’s office. I always talk to my nurse and she confirms that my doctor has indeed filled out the PA form and sent it to the pharmacy.

Good luck!
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Default Sam Bailey

...always good to read your posts!
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