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Good morning. Still making progress with sub treatment. I was actually able to go out of town on a job for several days. That's something new. Before suboxone I was tied down to the methadone clinic. Couldn't go out of town without a big production of finding another clinic, paying extra to guest dose, etc. It feels so much better to be free of that. Things are going well with the family. My wife and I are both on suboxone, so we support each other. It's good to have support, like in here. Hope y'all have a nice day.
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Sam Bailey
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Hey Thor!

Congrats on breaking free from the methadone clinic. I spent 4.5 years on methadone maintenance, and you're right, "courtesy dosing" was usually a terrible pain in the neck.

Like you, I found Subutex/Suboxone to be a far better way of dealing with my addiction issues. The years I spent on Sub were, in every way, so much better.

Best to you...and to your wife.

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