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Default Weight loss??

So, ive been taking suboxone for almost a year now. i have always been as you would say "over-weight". ( actually very over-weight ) within the first 3 months of taking suboxone, i dropped probably 30 lbs. Well from the day i started taking suboxone to now ive lost a total of 86 lbs and i havent changed one single habbit as far as eating or exercising. and tho im not complaining one bit about this im just curious as to about anyone having this "side-effect"??
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I think it may not be a side effect of subs as much as a side effect of getting sober. You are more active, maybe eating better, not eating whatever you can afford( crap food) as much, and not taking an amount of drugs that slow your system down including your metabolism. I know when I was on pills I started out strung out skinny then gained wait as I became less of a functioning addict and when I got on subs I lost a good portion of that weight .
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Agreed. I gained a lot of weight on Vicodin. Ugh. I was a size 4, not anymore!! The subs are not making me lose weight, but I am eating healthier, which in turn will allow weight loss. Good luck. Julie
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When I was taking opiates I was very skinny cause I did not want to eat. Since I have been taking suboxone I have no trouble maintaining my weight and I always have an appetite.
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I blame the opiates. I now weigh 268 so I've always been big. However, my highest weight was 340 while I was on morphine.

Just my thought on it.

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I was on opiates for years .An now since im on Suboxone. I find I have a higher metabolism an im allways eating . I droped about 10lbs
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