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Default Ok so i will admit iy I am a little scared

Tonight i have to go for a sleep study in Middle town ( About 30-45 min) As we all know my 2 months have been very intresting. I am a little nervouse about it about it. No caffenie after 2pm OMG how am i suppose to do that! then sleep in a room with what the doctor i saw was more intrested thati had brought my daughter with me in case i got to tired. thats a whole other thread i will share later. Has anyone Here had a sleep study?
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I have. In fact I had another one scheduled a week ago, that I canceled.

They are not a big deal. I was going for insomnia, but I took some meds before I went. If you don't fall asleep into REM sleep they told me the sleep study would have to be done another day. Anyway, I went, they get you all comfi, and after about an hour I did fall asleep and go into REM sleep. They said I have some sleep apnea and suggested a CPAP. I would never sleep with one of those on my face.

Sleep studies are harmless. Hopefully you will fall asleep. Why are you going?
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Hi Blackhorn, My husband had one no two a year ago.....Come to find out he has Severe Sleep Apnea. He was stopping breathing 90 times an hour. The sleep center people were incredibly nice and very knowledgable, so you will be in good hands. It is painless and you will be able to watch tv before you fall off to sleep. Please keep us posted. That study saved my husbands life. He is 54 yrs old. Good Luck hon, Linda
One day at a time, Linda
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Hi Blackthorn- Just like Linda mentioned, my husband too...had to have a sleep study went very well. As a matter of fact...within a very short time, they came into his room, and slapped a CPAP on him, and said that he had one of the worst cases of Sleep Apnea that they had seen in a long time. He had 137 episodes with in an hour, of not breathing. For years we thought that his meds were causing a lot of his probs, then we found out that he was getting up almost every half hour to pee, because he has Sleep Apnea. He was falling asleep during the day, and always very tired. Once he started using the CPAP..he felt a million times better. It took him almost a year to actually break down and use the machine, but I am glad he did.

The sleep center was very nice....all the people there were awesome. He had a room that looked very similar to a upscale hotel...sort of...and the bathroom was down the hall. I dropped him off at 10:30PM...they let me walk in with him, to see where he was going to be....and by 7:00AM...he was already asking me to come get him. Have no fear, you will do just fine. Let us know how it goes...sweet dreams....Lisa P.S.- As Linda mentioned...that sleep study also saved my husband's life. (he is 47 years old)
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I hope this turns out to be helpful. I keep searching for a decent solution for insomnia. Today, the doc prescribed mirtazapine (remeron). I've gone along with all the anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, etc because that is what is offered, but I'm skeptical. So many of the things I've tried seem to knock others right off to sleep.....but do nothing for me. Insomnia has got to be the single worst symptom I have. I can be yawning and feel dead tired, yet when I lay down, I cannot fall asleep for 3-4 hours. I tend to expect it, which only makes things worse.
Tom S.
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Default All better

Hey sorry i haven't been around Just got a co on one of my buildings and having trouble renting them out.

Ok so back to the sleep lab i went for my second night i was fitted for a mask and presure i need all work out well now i get to look like an alien whi i sleep but hey i would rather look like that. The night that i went with mask to the sleep therapy was amazing the next day i was so awake and awear it was amazing my maine problem with my sleep aptneer ( I have no idea how to spell it) is memory loss i can't rember conversations and situations and even whole days its crazy. They also belive that why i had the car acident. I go thursday for my machine they are so expensive i have to have 300 thursday and then 40 a month till its paid off something like a year. Crazy but its either that or end up in another car acedent and this time not be so lucky.

Tom you should talk to your doctor about going for a sleep study. There was a women there the night of my second and she had almost the same side effects that you are mentioning.
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Hi blackthorn, wow, that is great news! I'm glad that you finally know what is going on.

So happy to hear that you've found the answer and you'll be able to treat it!

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