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Default Greater Cincinnati area suboxone doctors?

I haven't posted in awhile, but things have been going well, mostly. I was living in the Columbus area for awhile, which is where my doctor is located. In 2015 I moved to the Cincinnati area to be closer to my girlfriend (now wife, we married April last year!). In the time since I moved, I have been driving to my doctor once a month, which is about a 1 hr and 45 min drive each way. I had been with that doctor for 3 years already at the time I moved and didn't want to change that but my wife and I think it might be good to get somebody a bit closer.

If there is anybody in the Cincinnati area (and surrounding; I'm actually more towards the Kings Island are myself) who is currently on suboxone treatment locally and can recommend a good doctor, Id really appreciate it. I've found some potentials searching online but a fellow addict being able to recommend a good, friendly (or at least courteous and professional) local doctor that prescribes suboxone would be a lot better.

Thank you!

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