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Default Suboxone vs Methadone

suboxone vs. methadone.

I know many people who have chosen to use methadone as opposed to suboxone.
Personally, I prefer the suboxone because
1- I only have to see the doctor once a month.
2- the cost
methadone, on the other hand, is entirely to strong and makes me feel like I am too much medication. the side effects are horrendous, such as weight gain, sleepy all the time.

would you guys consider that suboxone is the new alternative to methadone treatment?
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Hi chris8780, IMO medication-assisted treatment is better with suboxone rather than methadone. Yes, the reasons you listed as a con against methadone certainly do seem to be some of the negatives. In addition, methadone treatment requires daily trips to a clinic, which is very difficult for many folks. In addition, the fact that your treatment with suboxone is a private one between just you and your doctor. Refills can be written for suboxone so monthly dr appts aren't always needed.

Suboxone allows a patient to be in treatment for the disease of addiction the same way any other disease is treated. For example, a diabetic person does not have to go to "the clinic" every day for their insulin, nor do I have to go to "the clinic" every day to get my dose of medicine for my high cholesterol. Suboxone allows a patient the dignity of being treated as any other patient. Just as with the other diseases I have mentioned there needs to be more than just "taking" suboxone to get "better"-counseling, groups, changing activities, etc. But, with suboxone in hand, recovery is not only possible it absolutely can lead to complete remission. That is something we all want for us as well as our families.

I am attaching a couple of links that gives more complete information about the things I have written.

Keep in touch,

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ive been on subs for over 3 years now and dont know if i can make it without them
i dont want to sound dumb but i didnt think subs were even in the same league as methadone
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Just my brief .2-cents...

I was on Methadone Maintenance for 4.5 years. Those were some of the most difficult years of my life, re "recovery," I mean.

I simply could not (would not?) stop relapsing while on MMT. An awful time, those years were.

Following those MMT years, I transitioned to Subutex. In my experience, there is NO comparison in the quality, and efficiency, of Sub OVER Methadone.

Choose Sub every time, IMO.


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