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Default Damn, I Did it ��

Ok...So I had it pretty bad with opiates. Took about 30 Vicodin a day at my peak. Had this addiction for about 2 years. When the pills ran out, I panicked. Luckily, at my last attempt to manipulate this urgent care doctor into giving me more Vicodin, I failed. The doctor had my drug history sheet in front of him(courtesy of the DEA) and basically said to me, " Never shit a shitter ". Just so happened this doctor was a recovering addict and suggested I try subutex to help me off the pills.
It was a miracle. My addiction to pills was under control, or so I thought. For a long time the doctor tried to wean me off subutex but I kept giving him excuses not to. This was the addict talking. I loved subutex. I don't know about you guys, but I was getting high off subs. I didn't want to lose this high so I managed to convince my doctor for 10 years that I needed it. 10 ****ing years people! Unreal!
The odds of winning this battle were about 80 percent against me, according to one survey. I just had to try it. I went to rehab, and dammit, I did it! I've got 30 days no subs. Holy shit! I literally thought I was a lifer. Not trying to show off or sound like I'm better, I'm just saying it's possible guys. Much Love
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