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Default Suboxone

I've have never taken suboxone ever, I do go to a pain clinic for many years and on oxycodone 15mg. I get drug tested all the time. In all the years I've been tested never failed but in July they said suboxone showed up, which they didn't make a big deal since never failed before. But last night I went to the er for flu and automatically tell them I go to clinic and meds I'm on. Dr came back and said suboxone showed up in my system and yet again I've never taken it. I go to my pain clinic Friday so I'm in panic mode can't fail another test. I take adderal, ambien, oxycodone. I took Nyquil zicam and melatonin
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Sam Bailey
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Hello Sarah,


Two suggestions re your predicament.

#1: TELL your clinic. Rather than risk getting "caught" again with a false positive, tell them what's happening...and ask them to partner with you to learn what in hades is going on.

#2: Fact is, lots of "false positives" can occur in any particular drug test. It doesn't necessarily mean you've actually USED that drug, but the meds (drinks, foods) you DO put into your body can affect other meds and result in a "false positive."

So, Google False Positive causes that might result in a Sub "positive." You'll likely be astonished at what common substances, from OTC meds to foods/juices, interact to show a person has used speed, or benzos, or methadone, etc.

Do your own research then share that information with your clinic. It's already out there. Don't try to hide it. Be open.

Ask them to help you and I'm betting they will. At the very least, there are other, more sophisticated drug tests they can administer to you that'll show you're telling the truth.

Let us know...and keep posting.

Good luck to you, Sarah.


sam b
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Thanks. I made an appt with my family Dr for tomorrow and I'm going to buy an over the counter test to take as well. But yes I will tell my pain clinic to get my records from hospital but when I failed in July I asked if there was a chance there could of been a mistake he said it was very unlikely and they are very accurate
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Hi Sarah1234, welcome. As Sam B said, there are false positives that could cause this. In doing some googling around, it seems that there have been people taking oxycodone who also tested positive for bupe.

Are they doing a urine screen? If so, ask them to do a GS/MS (Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry) test. Did they say if the oxycodone showed up? An interesting thing that has come up is that basic drug tests do not test for oxycodone specifically - they test for morphine because heroin and codeine break down to that but oxycodone does not.

Here's a link that tells what is looked for in some different panel drug tests:

You could get a buprenorphine only test and see if you come up positive in that specific test - since bupe needs a special test as it's unlike other opioids.

In this list, it says that oxycodone contains synthetic opiates. Buprenorphine is semi-synthetic, so maybe that has something to do with it?

Good luck and please let us know what happens.

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I'm not sure if hospital was blood or urine. They took both. But pain clinic is urine sent to lab. And yes my oxycodone ambien and adderal all showed up on this one and one in July
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