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Default Suggestions for insomnia?

Sleep medications ok? If so, suggestions? I'm currently on sleeping medication, but due to the length of time on them. They're not working right, or as well. Thanks!
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Hi Had2Bblue, have you ever tried any over-the-counter sleep aids? Some that people find helpful are benedryl (that's the ingredient in most of the "PM" meds like Advil PM, etc.) melatonin, valerian root (found in the vitamin aisle) and chamomile tea (Sleepy Time Tea by Celestial Seasonings) is available in most groceries.

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I would think so but i am not a dr. I would try some over the counter sleep aids first and then consult a dr. Hope you get well soon had2bblu!
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I take a half of a melatonin and 25 mg of trazadone and 1 clonidine:.., this is my cocktail to sleep .....don't take more than one melatonin it's hard on your liver...... According to my last doctor
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Frying pan and anything on the Lifetime channel? .......JK.... I have it too. I find the best thing to do is take it earlier if necessary, if you take any in the evenings. Thing is for me, a lot of times it will knock me out if I set down and just calm down. I can turn on a good movie and snuggle up, and zonk I am out like a light. If all else fails, I whoop out the Tylenol PM or the ones that they make that are just the PM and none of the Tylenol.
I can also fall right asleep when my husband just HAS to watch Hell on Wheels OR Walking Dead. Those shows just bore me to death. I don't try to take a lot of medication other than the Suboxone, because knowing my luck something will react with something else and we could go on and on. I tried taking Excedrin PM once right after I started Suboxone and OMG, stomach cramps from Hell. Zantac wouldn't calm them down for nothing. Guess I have a weird system.
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Watch your alcohol intake. Don't drink any alcoholic beverages in the few hours prior to going to bed. Excessive amounts of alcohol at any time in the day can also disrupt sleep patterns and lead to unsatisfying sleep. Cigarette smoking can also worsen insomnia.
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I had this issue, I found it had very much to do with the time I take the sub, finally settling on the last dose before 12 noon, anything after that and I would not be able to sleep, or I would, but it would be this half sleep kind of thing where I was sleeping but sort of awake in my head.
Good luck!
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Hi had2bblu! I would first consult with a docor before mixing anything. Just to b on the safe side. Have you ever tried over the counter sleep aids? I would go with that forst. Hope all goes well.
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