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Question Constipation

OK....hard to say...but it has to be said!!! I've never I mean NEVERRRRRR had this much constipation in my life!!! never had an issue and ever since I've use suboxone its been pain full to the point I feel I need to go to the doctor for something! that's why I stopped taken suboxone then relapsed! and I'm not gonna do this in that much pain or need 80's!! soo I'm taking 6 fiber pills a day..and I've alway ate salads but fiber fiber fiber!! any other advice? because I really need to stay off the pills for my finances and my family.. I know fruit and veggies good and stay off the cheese...but anything else would really help right about now! Thank you!
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There's a whole thread about constipation at the top of this page. It has many ways to deal with it. I was on bupe for 7 years and at high doses much of that time, so contipation was a big problem if i didn't take precautions. For me Miralax (stool softener) and occasional laxative worked.

link to constipation thread
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Hi Sassycass,
Welcome to addiction survivors! Constipation is a well known side effect and the link S-Z gave you has great info in it. You have to pay attention to the constipation and stay ahead of it, or it can be dangerous. Drink plenty of water too.
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