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Quick Question ive been on subutex for a short time now and finally am down to 1mg every other day. but i screwed uo and took a two mg and felt high all day. am i going to feel any withdrawl effects now that i did that? i have three i mg left should i just stop now? i did not have any withdrewls at all the whole time comming off subutex and yet you hear horror stories on some forrums Why?

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Hi Decand7, welcome. You could try just stopping now and if you feel uncomfortable, stretch out what you have left. It's hard to predict because everyone is different. But if you were down to 1mg every other day, hopefully that's a good sign that you shouldn't have much in the way of WDs.

Let us know how you're doing.

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Hey Decand7, I went down to .5 for a couple of weeks and jumped from there without much of a problem. Since you took 2mg you can probably skip a day and let the halflife wear off. Hey, and you might find that you can just stop. If you start feeling crappy, I agree with Nancy, just take a little chip off and either skip days at that and stretch out the days in between or run that until it's out. I'm gonna be a repeat-o-Mary today, but exercise. That's what I did and I swear it help a shitload because it got my own endorphins going.

Sending positive energy! -Mary
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