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Default wondering

does anybody take valium and suboxone together is it harmful
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Default wandering

does anybody getvalium and suboxonefrom there doctor together i was wandering if it would hurt you together
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Hi rdarnell, welcome. When taken as prescribed, valium shouldn't cause problems. It's when they are misused - large amounts and/or IV'd - that it can become harmful.

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my son takes klonopin with his suboxone. klonopin is a benzo similiar to valium but is supposed to be longer lasting.
the klonopin is prescribed by his regular psychiatrist -- the suboxone by an addiction specialist (who's also a psychiatrist).
they both know about the other med.

the addiction doctor told him to always make sure that he waits at least an hour after taking suboxone before he takes the klonopin.

i think separately, both are very hard to over-dose on -- but together, it gets a lot easier. it's the same as combining alcohol with opiates or benzo's -- together, they have more of a chance of shutting down your respiratory system.
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