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Default Anyone else experiance wicked toothache

Hi everyone I am new to the forums but am a long time addict. I started on the Sub's a few months ago and right away started getting wicked tooth aches, I when to the dentist a few times thinking that it was just a cavity or something but none were found then I read somewhere that some people experience this while on suboxone I was wondering if it was very common and what people did to ease the pain since most pain killers are pretty much off limits.
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Hi Lucky13oz and welcome. Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your teeth. Even though there aren't any studies saying that Suboxone is bad for your teeth, it's best to brush after taking the medication to be on the safe side.

Some people have had the same thing happen after starting Suboxone and sometimes its a result of the pain not being covered up by full agonists.

Have you tried aspirin or any other over-the-counter pain med? Is it a specific enough spot to maybe put some anbesol or clove oil on it? Clove oil is usually kept behind the pharmacy counter because the bottle is tiny.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Hello, I know where you are coming from. I needed to have literally every tooth in my mouth fixed in some way-mostly cavities from years of using and not going to the dentist. While using, I didn't really notice it due to the H killing the pain, except for once in a while. I did however want to say that at my last cleaning, I asked my dentist if the Suboxone would cause any damage to my teeth since I had to have a bridge put in to fix a tooth that literally broke in half, and it's right where I hold the Sub under my tongue, and he told me it wouldn't cause any damage. I'd try and get to the dentist and get a check up, and I'd bet there are underlying issues with your teeth that you are just now feeling since quitting your drug use and getting on Suboxone.
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I have also has serious oral problems after starting Suboxone. They have subsided greatly after about a month to two months. It freaked me out at the beginning because after being on massive amounts of OC(800 mg/day), I could feel the pain that I had suppressed for years. It turned out that I had MANY infected deep cavities that required 4 root canals(on was the worst that dentist had ever seen!). But, the scariest part was that I noticed my gums were bleeding alot. About 2 weeks after starting suboxone, they started literally peeling away from my teeth! I would only have to touch my gums with my finger and they would detach. So, my dentist extensively cleaned my teeth and put me on a big regimine of antibiotics. I had to start brushing after every meal, snack, drink, and whenever I could. This amounted to about 12-15 brushings a day. I had to switch to a very soft-bristled manual toothbrush instead of my proclean, and had to be very gentle with my gums. They also suggested chewing sugarless gum and sugarless candies because the suboxone significantly dry out your mouth. So, my advice is the drink a lot of water, chew gum, suck candy(all sugarless), brush after meals at the very least, don't forget flossing, try crest pro health mouthwash(it worked for me), and try dosing once a day to give your teeth and gums a break. Also, make sure to get to the dentist for regular cleanings and check-ups. I wish I didn't know this much about oral side effects, but I hope I can help someone else. It's nice to know I'm not the only one! Best Wishes,
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Oh, this means I'm not alone. Ive been on suboxone for over 16 months. I had been to the dentist before treatment so I know the sub had something to do with my teeth decay. Last visit to Dentist, they said my lower front teeth totally decayed and had to be pulled out! Have to get a partial!! Im 46 yo. All my top teeth are ok. I too have mouth pain daily, but it goes away after brushing and tylenol. The doc said the acid is the sub might have done it. I also have a big big sweets thing too. My two front lower teeth have bone loss. I also smoke. I called Suboxone, they said to use subutex but my insurance wont pay for it? My mouth does not get dry? So anyway, I make sure to brush one hour after my dose...thats all I can do at the moment.
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I was on sub for 7 years and still have all my teeth. I do believe opiates cause less saliva and that speeds decay. I had more cavities filled while on opioids than in my whole life. My advice is drink plenty of water and keep your dose as low as you can. Maybe a fluoride rinse before bed each night would help too. something like ACT. Many foods and drinks have more acid in them than sub does, so I don't think its the sub directly just the dry mouth it can cause.

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Default teeth pain

hey all, new member,long time sub user. the pain in your teeth can be caused by excessive grinding at night and reduced saliva.
the grinding can cause hairline fractures in your teeth.
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