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hi tony i can see you have also had some issues, when i stopped drinking 5 years ago , a shrink put me on zoloft ,remeron an some others, we found out i was not that depressed , that alcohol was a depressant, but that i had anxiety issues, the anti deppresants made me feel teriible , like mania an stuff very moody , let us know how it goes, big mike thanks for you help
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Hey Scotty

To answer your response about me having issues you bet i have and im
sure there may be more to come though i dont want there to be boy the
storys i could tell like so many here we are working hard to fix us Lol

Scotty i have not drank alcohol in 19 years actually 18years 10 months
but many times i traded one high to another so i cant say clean & sober
just Sober.

SOOOOO NOOOOW i am clean and sober 3 months and very happy to be.
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