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Question Major dental surgery, scared to death, or a new beginning?

I have been on suboxione treatment for the better part of 7 years. Following a 5 year relationship to H. I never thought myself to be completely substance free, but I think I see a window of opertunity.
I had Tooth extraction, and Due to a bad experience a few years ago, at a free clinic, I have not returned to the dentist and several years because they refused to help me other than telling me to take Tylenol, aspirin or ibuprofen, which I cannot do because I get pancreatitis. No NSAIDS I have basically a allergy to them. So after having two back teeth pulled (one broke, it was a horrible extraction) and being told to basically deal with it and use salt water, I was so pissed off, humiliated, frustrated, and the realization that they were just going to keep pulling my teeth until there was nothing left I decided I would not be going back to the dentist. 😭😷‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Pulling teeth was obviously not a solution to the problem.
Fast forward to yesterday, 6/6/16 I made this appointment at Christmas. Because my front teeth started to crumble, taking another major hit to my already low self esteem, it was just a consult. He asked me twice, "any medications, alcohol, Tabasco, IV drug use" I couldn't bring myself to tell him. He didn't specify if it was past or current, I can honestly say I currently have no issues, because of the sub. I'm at 1/6 of the 8 mg strip, I've been using it as a security blanket for years, doctors keep telling me, you can quit. I'm not so sure. However, I'm thinking of taking advantage of this situation with my surgery for a lifestyle change.
$250 for a "specialist" that I have never met to write a Rx for a refill, on top of the actual cost, just pisses me off. I really do owe my life to Brupnmorphine/subs/and if I could afford it, I would live out the rest of my life on my pitiful low dose. But seriously nearly $250 a visit with a LPN just to refill is highway robbery! They know the options for doctors is very limited and take full advantage of this!💢example, my previous Dr. Charged $25 for the exact same drug test that this office charges me $50 for💢 I'm a CMA, I've given these test to people, I know for a fact, it is the exact same cup/test. So this plays a huge part in my decision to finally attempt to get off. I've heard the WD are worse than the actual opiates themselves. Since there is a longer half life, the withdrawals are longer too.
So, I think my plan is to take advantage of the timing of my oral surgery and use the pain pills for maybe a couple weeks to get me through the withdrawals of Suboxone and then stop the pain pills whenever the prescription runs out I do not have a connection any longer since it has been so long since I have even take advantage of the timing of my oral surgery and use the pain pills for maybe a couple weeks to get me through the withdrawals of Suboxone and then stop the pain pills whenever the prescription runs out I do not have a connection any longer since it has been so long since I have even looked, I'm not worried about getting hooked on pills, heroine was my issue, and just because I was ignorant of what it could do. I am no longer ignorant.
I can handle some pain, I've treated my pancreatitis at home. Without meds! Has anyone else been in a similar predicament? I believe the plan is to remove all of my top teeth, keeping the bottom front 6 teeth, k9-k9. So I'm quite sure there will be some medicine needed, I've got my mother on board with my insane plan, she divvy out my subs, so she will likely do the same with the pain meds to ensure I'm not abusing them. I haven't been totally up front with the dentist about the Subs. I didn't want the stigmata that comes with, explaining why I'm on it, I thought it might be best to keep it simple. I don't know what to do. I'm crying as I write this.
Please tell me is this crazy enough to work?
Good idea? Bad idea?
Should I be more foward and straight up with my student dentist?
Pros and cons?
TIA for reading, any feed back will be much appreciated.
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Hi BodMods, welcome. It could be a risky situation trying to taper off of bupe with full agonists. Especially because you said you have your mother give you your bupe - which seems like you don't think you could control only taking your one dose? And you are still taking the medication because you consider it a security blanket. Have you done anything to treat your addiction itself by seeing an addiction counselor? The bupe is only indicated to stop cravings and withdrawals while the patient works on addressing the addictive behavior so you won't be distracted by cravings or withdrawals. If nothing is done to address the behavior, then it could very well re-emerge once the bupe is stopped.

There are many people who have successfully tapered off of bupe. This thread has stories good and bad - things can be learned by both. But the common threads with successful tapers are:
-Getting counseling to address the addiction (uncontrollable compulsive behavior despite negative consequences)
-Being ready to taper psychologically
-Exercise - that helps boost natural endorphin production
-Keeping busy and not overthinking the process
-Going slow as needed and being willing to not rush the process

This is another good thread:

Also remember that withdrawals are very subjective to the individual. What is excruciating to one person may be a minor inconvenience to another. That's why it's important to go by how YOU feel as an individual.

There are also other risks with taking opiate pain meds. Because of the long halflife and blocking mechanism of buprenorphine, you may not feel the pain meds and take more and risk overdose.

Taking the pain meds may only delay the withdrawals because you'll still be taking an opiate. And if you stop an opiate, your brain will be looking for an opiate - and that is withdrawals.

This link explains the difference between tolerance, physical dependence and addiction.

I hope this is helpful.

Important disclaimer: Any information in this post is not and does not constitute medical advice under any circumstances. Addiction Survivors, Inc. does not warranty or guarantee the accurateness, completeness, adequacy or currency of the information contained in or linked to the Site. Your use of information on the Site or materials linked to the Site is entirely at your own risk. NEVER take any online advice over that of a qualified healthcare provider. Any information contained on should only serve to inspire further investigation with credible, verifiable references sources such as your physician or therapist.
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Sorry to hear about the dental situation. I also put off going too many times and now have zero molars that tough each other in order to grind my food. I cannot eat steak unless it is cut into tiny pieces and being an over eater, small is not my style so I don't eat steak.
Anyway, I hope you just stay on the bupe. As far as the pain I'd suggest an uptick in dose for pain. I had hip replacement surgery and the hydromorphone (Diludid) IV was not as effective as the bupe. Once the hospital finally brought me some subutex, my use of the PCA dropped off to near nil.
Sorry the price of the bupe and treatment is hurting you but please try and put it into perspective and remember if you were to return to H the cost would be a lot higher. I hate that insurance drags their feet or people are uninsured or underinsured.
I wish there was a fund to help but barring that we need to contact congress and beg a change, we owe much to bupe.

I wish the very best for you

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Sure, I'm addicted to subs now, it's not that I don't trust myself, it's just that I will loose them, they require that I bring the packages back, she collects them for me. I know where they are at, I can get more if I want to. I'm proud that it's a minimal amount, just enough to get by. 1/6 of a 8 mg strip, I've gotten here by my own choice, I'm still prescribed 1 x 8 mg/day but I can also save more money by not going to the doctor every month, sometimes I can get away with 6 months on one Rx -longer if I skip days.
. I've read a lot of the threads pertaining to similar situations. There's no doubt in my mind, I'm going to need something, I can quit the subs for a few days before the surgery, think that would be most efficient, I'm talking about 16-24 teeth extractions, depending on how fast I can make 10k materialize 😳 4K for the removal alone, I guess your right, I don't see any win/win. I'm not doing this without medicine. Just because I had a issue 10 years ago, I don't think it would be fair to the doctors to ask me to. (That's why I'm afraid to disclose the fact that I take subs, they will see I have a history, which they will probably already find my pharmacy records before I go back, I guess I should come clean and beg for forgiveness ) I guess worst case scenario I will end up back on Suboxone when the pain meds run out. And I really hope the doctors take care of me like they promised, I still don't find any comfort in this, they will probably try to give me some expirmental drugs, I don't feel like being a lab rat either. I just wish I could see something positive coming from this. Oh yea, a nice smile. Mom said I hide my mouth if I talk. It's been too long since I've not been afraid to smile. But I hate everything I'm reading about dentures too. I'm looking at $7k for decent dentures, or $30k for implants. Who has this kind of money? That is unrealistic unless your a dope dealer, political, or movie star. I'm a starving artist, who donates almost everything I make.
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