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Sam Bailey
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Default Tramadols (again)

Hey Folks!

I'm near certain that I've read about Tramadols being used as a substitute "opiate" during times between the addict's drug of choice (and Sub)---and then the Tramadol being the easier of the lot to finally detox from.

Two thangs:
1. If I wasn't so lazy, I could surf around and (maybe) find this answer myself. **Alas, I am too lazy. Ha!

2, Does it even work?

Long story half-short. I know quite a lot about opiates, since I have foolishly partaken of most of them, However, Tramadol is a drug I HAVEN'T experienced. An acquaintance (from one of my meetings) asked me this question.....and I said I'd ask around,

So, here's asking.

Will Tramadol get an addict OUT of withdrawals...of Subutex? How many Trams must one take? To get out of W/Ds AND to not have a freakin seizure?

Any info appreciated.


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Hi Sam, there are people who ended up in bupe treatment because of tramadol addiction or who would use it when they couldn't get their drug of choice. So, it could be a double-edged sword trying to taper from bupe with tramadol.

Plus there is the very real fear of seizures from it. I've heard of people having seizures from tramadol in a very short amount of time, taking them as directed. It could be a crapshoot on whether or not someone seizes from them.

Here's a couple of threads that might be interesting to you:

Hope that's somewhat helpful.

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Sam Bailey
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Hey Nancy!

Thanks for the info. I was reminded by that information (again, thanx!) that Tramadol is a pretty lousy pain med AND that it is potentially exceedingly dangerous, causing seizures in some people.

I shared that info with my acquaintance and he now seems reluctant to use them. But with the man/woman in active addiction, you never know, do you?

Oh, I did notice in some other sites some very interesting testaments about what ELSE Tramadol does for people: Makes them NOT depressed. Seems that the drug has some pretty convincing evidence that this may actually help many people who have trouble with more traditional meds.

Thanks again, Nancy

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R. Lee
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Sam, I have not seen you on the flip side. I hope you are OK & had a wonderful holiday season.

I see on the flip side you flew to Portland on the 27th & that is why you have not been around. ENJOY !!!!!!

R. Lee

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Sam Bailey
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Hey RLee,

You bet. I just returned from Portland (actually Seaside, on the Oregon Coast) last night. Had to battle LAX (LA's main airport) but it was definitely worth it. Had a terrific time visiting my daughter and grandkids---and didn't even SEE my bastard of an ex-son-in-law. Growl!! Ha!

Thanks for catching up with me. Yep, see you on the flip side.


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