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Default Really Needing Some Advice

Hello there,
For all intensive purposes my name is Charlie, ra I'm a 29 year old business owner did has a rare disease as well as brain cancer I refused beginning on or chronic pain medication because growing up in Utah around me justified taking oxycodone and lortab and all sorts of other painkillers as things that made you feel good but not drugs because they came from a doctor never mind that your prescription says take one every 8 hours and your snoring 10 every 4 hours, it came from a doctor so it's not a drug... A lot of the Mormons here have the funniest ways of justifying things that they truly want, so when I first got diagnosed with my rare disease and when I say rare I mean I'm one of two people living with it in the world most people die within three months, they told me that I should be on some sort of a pain medication I refused, I told them that there was no way that I could manage it with Tylenol and ibuprofen and maybe some gabapentin, well about a month and a Half Men why stop getting out of bed and couldn't even walk to the bathroom because I was in so much pain so I went up going to my doctor then asking my doctor if there was anything that was a really light narcotic you said there was something called Tylenol 3s and then I could take that well it's now been 9 years since that first Tylenol 3 and I now have weaned myself down from taking 10 30 milligram oxycodone tablets every 3 hours to taking for 30 milligram tablets every 3 hours along with 3 40 milligram oxycontin tablets three times a day I have been told by a few friends that I went to medical school with ( I didn't finish medical school because of getting sick) did I should go to an inpatient treatment facility, the problem with that is I have over 700 employees they rely on me and unfortunately it seems like whenever I'm gone my other employees just diddle daddle and don't get stuff done like they need to so I have to choose between the livelihood of 700 people or trying to accomplish this on my own I have gotten to the point where I can take four of them every 3 hours by myself but it seems like I can't get over this hump, I'm starting in an outpatient treatment facility soon and I'm hoping that that helps but I would like to get off of this stuff faster, getting down from where I was I realize just how delusional I had become, I thought things were real that weren't real, I was extremely gullible, I listen to things that I should have never listened to I really really need to get off of the stuff does anybody have any advice at all??? Also if there are any typos in my post here it's because I'm using voice to text because I'm driving and it's the only free time I have to myself
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Hi Charlie,

Wow, you have been through a lot. Have you read about Suboxone? For many of us, it's been a lifesaver. At the proper dose, it takes away cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Outpatient treatment is a great idea too, if you feel you are addicted to the opiates. How is your pain now that you've reduced your dosage? Suboxone can help pain too, without being intoxicating.

On our home page there is a feature to help you find a doctor that prescribes it. You could look into it.

Suboxone will take away the physical symptoms and cravings of getting off opiates, but if one is addicted, there is other work to do too.

Ask any questions you have, we are here to help!

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Hi Charlie,

well as a past major oxycodone abuser for many years and finally getting clean and now jumped off Subutex (pregnant persons medicine but equal to Suboxone)...i can say that if it wasnt for the Suboxone/Subutex medicine and sheer will power to end the vicious cycle that idk where i would be today. This is a way out for us addicts.
not only does it help with all withdrawl symptoms that you may encounter it def helps with pain ive been told without the "high" of typical narcotic meds.

You should look into a dr over there that specializes in suboxone and get to them quickly!
simply google Suboxone and you can read up on it. its a true life saver!!!
let us know how your doing!!

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