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Question Suboxone is my miracle

Hi, my name is Ashley. I've been member for a while now. I for years was on pain killers and xanex. Even now i get the urge to take the xanex but not so much the pain killers. I haven't taken anything else the whole time I've been on suboxone. And I am very proud of my self for it. I have three boys one 13 one 10 and one 8 they are my help to keep going and pushing me to get rid of that urge!!! The suboxone helps very much also... However I have had surgrey on my mouth had 19 stitches and are in very much pain and have a percripsion of pain killer ,but i haven't filled them I want to but I am worried about getting cut off my suboxone... I'm on Medicaid that's my problem.. If anyone knows or have been threw this please help. I have another appointment with the dentist and have to have surgery again. I have filled one script and i just had to get another pa but i dont want to do something that could get my cut off my suboxone. It has changed my life in so many ways.
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Hello NicoleKylla7, Congratulations for taking your life back! Yes, your three boys are counting on you to keep on doing the right things! They so deserve a sober mom! As far as pain meds, well, my dentist gave me Aleve and it worked through the pain just fine. In my opinion filling a prescription for opiate pain pills is going down a very dangerous road that you really don't need. Best wishes,

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Hi NicoleKylla7, to add to what nan said, the pain meds may not do anything because of the blocking effect of the buprenorphine. How much bupe are you taking? Can you talk with your Suboxone doctor about maybe trying to split it up into smaller doses every 4 to 6 hours along with some Aleve?

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Hi NicoleKylla7,

Both Nan and Nancy made good points. Depending in how much Sub you're taking, how close in time you take them---and how much of BOTH medications you take---well, it all makes a difference.

However, I'd like to remark most especially on Nan's post. I remember when that idea was first told to me, that an inexpensive over-the-counter pain medication might well be a BETTER med for eliminating dental pain that a narcotic med from the dentist's prescription pad.

No freaking way, I thought. I mean, that's just silly. Counterintuitive! And still, even today, even as I KNOW it's true, the idea that some med available in your corner Rite Aide is "better" than dope? Sorry, but it does fly in the face of this 25+ year drug addict.

But it works, is my long-winded point. It CAN work, I should say, for some people---and yes, it can work far better than a narcotic in many cases.

Why? I don't know. Frankly, I think that info is available on-line should you want to search around.

Two bottom-lines: give the non-narcotic, over-the-counter meds a try. They can't hurt you (don't take 'em by the hands-full) and, as was my case, otc meds work very well for tooth pain.

Second bottom-line: let's be honest, sometimes the nature of the pain (an impacted tooth, a massive infection, etc.) is just too powerful to get alleviated by 4 Advils. In that case, you will likely require a narcotic pain med. The least potent, the better. My addict brain ALWAYS figured the strongest was preferable, always preferable. Heck, back in those days, I needed 3 80mg Oxys if I stubbed my toe on the couch. Withdrawals aside, I don't recollect having a headache for 25 years! Nope, not good. Old days, yes--bad, bad, bad old days.


If you determine that you need a narcotic, I suggest that you tell the world! Ok, maybe not the world, but tell everyone with ANY attachment between you and your recovery. Call your Medicaid representative, for instance. Talk to your Sub doc. Speak to your dentist.

I'm NOT saying this is you, but I had a very difficult time being open and honest and forthcoming with my docs---and with my family. I did it on purpose, I did. Anything that MIGHT get in the way of my drugs and me was, well---better kept secret...even if it WAS in my own best interests.

Thing is, until I got a ways INTRO ACTUAL recovery, I wasn't always so clear on what my best interests were. And THAT is why I suggest being open and honest with 'em all.

And together, believe it or not, you will find a solution. A solution with NO surprises!


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