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I'm from Austin, Texas and heard about this site from a google search just a few hours ago. I've been addicted to Dextramathorphan for about 7 years and recently just accepted it and tried to cut down. Dextramathorphan (opioid related) is also my methadone as I was able to quit crack, alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes with it. Been free from those for a few years, crack for 4 years. I started taking way too much though and have cut way down. Mucinex DM Extra Strength is what I've taken for at least 4 years, but before that I downed a few bottles of robitussin every day. Now it's just 10 Mucinex per day, which is 5 times more than prescribed but it's 1/2 to 1/3 of what I used to take. Now I've heard of Naltrexone before, but until today I thought it only made you sick when it was in your system and you used an opiate or drank alcohol. I didn't know it lowered cravings, which are substantial when I stop. I'm really burned out on rehabs and spending all that money and AA. The year and four months I was sober was a result of Rational Recovery, not AA. I just rebel against AA. Anyway, I want my 30 years (minus 1.4 years) of addiction to end. Thanks for all the posts.
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Hi ESST0rnad0, welcome. Naltrexone may cause precipitated withdrawals when taken too soon after taking opioids. It knocks the opioids from the receptors. For alcohol, it won't make the patient sick, but reduces the pleasure derived from alcohol and therefore people generally stop at a drink or two. (Antabuse is the aversive medication that causes people to get sick while drinking alcohol when taking it.)

Can you go back to Rational Recovery if it helped so much before? Have you tried SMART recovery - it's based on REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy)?

Or have you thought about seeing a therapist versed in CBT or REBT? That might be more helpful than AA at this point?

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