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Talking Attention men! Insight on fatigue associated with tapering suboxone!

I am 41 years old tomorrow. Yippie! And drug free. I stopped using illicit dope 2/4/2009 after a decade of addiction. Started on 12mg daily of sub and now am down to 2mg or less daily and am getting ready to get on the film and begin to taper off over the course of probably a year; or whatever it takes.

After about 4 months on sub i noticed i was lazy. I got checked at my doctors office and found i had low testosterone.

I started testosterone injections. Still take them and always will. Last night my wife injected me. This happens once every two weeks.

Here's the insight... I have noticed that whenever i get my injection the next day i wake up feeling like i don't need sub. This morning i only took 1mg instead of 2mg. My point is this. Testosterone increases zest for life and overall energy levels and promotes a good attitude. I spoke with my urologist and we agreed that when i start the film, and my taper, i will start splitting my testosterone amount and taking an injection every week instead of every two weeks. This should keep me on a more even keel over time and hence aid in my taper. It will help battle any fatique associated with the slight w/d's symptoms entailed with tapering off suboxone.

My message is for all men over the age of 35 years old whom think they have more energy when they take their sub in the morning that this is all in your head. You may have low testosterone. This will make you lazy and unenthusiastic about life in general.

Get your testosterone level checked out. Simple blood work will do this. The normal level is 200-1200. Mine is roughly 750 the day before my injection and roughly 1300 the day after my injection. This is why i feel better the day after the injection and therefore feel like i can start the day with less sub.

There is no shame in getting these levels checked. It's like menopause for men. The flip side of taking testosterone, the good things about it are:
1) more energy
2) higher sex drive (sex is exercise!!)
3) gets rid of belly fat (belly fat is linked to cancer)
4) renewed "zest" for life
5) greater stamina (i run 3.3 miles 5 days a week and when finished i'm not even breathing hard)
6) you will make your wife, or girlfriend, happy. We all know that a happy wife, or girlfriend, equals a happy life)

try it out. Check it out. Can't hurt.

Any questions? Let me know. I will try to help

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What a bunch of wimps. Over a year and no replies. I guess everyone's perfect. Yea rite
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Sorry Heath this is the first I saw this thread, but, I get injections too and agree with everything you shared. I hope you are doing well.
As you think, so shall it be!
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Gosh you guys have it made, this is why I am sure God is a man. No childbirth, periods, ( can you even imagine in your wildest walking around bleeding, bloated and cramps for a week to 10 days. The only interuption from that is preganancy or menopause. Let me tell you either of those is no walk in the park! Oh and lets top that off with I get old, and ugly. Men get old and distinguished looking. Where the he** is my shot???? Women may be alot of things, but wimps they are not!

Excuse me, I am having one of my "MOODS".

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Yeah but you dont have to worry about one of the most terribly painful and challenging things that can happen to a man, and only a (real) man could take the dreaded.........................Man Flu........!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Heath View Post
What a bunch of wimps. Over a year and no replies. I guess everyone's perfect. Yea rite
Jeebus Christ! Bitter, much?
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Is anyone on this thread still. I'm on Sub, actually tapering off of it and I take Testosterone. Subutex can lower Testosterone levels. It did mine and currently I'm taking 1.5cc of Testosterone Cypionate a week, so 350mg of Test. I haven't had a blood test since I've been tapering, but I can tell my natural levels are going up because I'm getting noticeably stronger, libido is up and I've gained actual muscle. As far as not needing Sub, Testosterone doesn't help me personally mentally. I have Bi-Polar Type II and Borderline Personality Disorder.
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Hi Sithtiger.

Just wanted to pop by your thread. You mentioned in your original title that you tend to suffer fatigue when tapering. Well mate, any withdrawal from any kind of opioids will tend to produce fatigue. This is not a nice feeling, but it's transient, and so the body will eventually restore energy. The most important thing to remember is nutritious food food food with plenty of water. That way you are insuring against continual malaise and your energy will return.

Good luck matey from all in the very cold very wet UK.

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