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Default Step 8

Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make
amends to them all.
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The list wasn't hard for me, I kept my fourth step and modified it. The steps often seem to be fairly easy, except for one or two pesky words. For this one, "became willing", to make amends "to them all". "Became" implies that this is a process that has to be worked on, and "them all" means that I didn't to choose to omit certain troublesome amends. As with Step Four, I blurred this step into the next one.... it had to be pointed out that this step simply entails willingness....the actual amends occurs in a later step.
Tom S.
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like Tom mine was made up in my fifth step by my sponsor as I read aloud the fourth. I was told at 8 to rewrite it with any new names I may have come up with and not to cross out any names,

I then had to write the harm I caused "Physical $$, stole piece of mind etc. We then used 8 when it was time to go out and make amends, I was coached on the first few as to what may happen and how I was to respond etc.

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