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Default Houston meetings

with out loosing to much anonymity.
could anyone suggest a GOOD. NA meeting in
the Houston area ...I want recovery ...not gossip
and judgment.
thanks guys.
Desiderata..strongwill.simple life.humble heart.always with respect -d
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I like the gossip!

Well maybe not a nice thing to say but true (it is a weakness to see that some are as messed up as I am)

I'd suggest speaker meetings where you can sit back and listen. AA has such a mix of folks. Some are sicker then others. In AA we ought not judge anyone as we are fellow sufferers.

I am curious as to what you mean by judging? Not sure how that is done in AA. My expirence is that folks share their expirence and that is that. I mean some meetings are more like therapy meetings where folks discuss their relationships etc but the focus ought be on staying sober.

Maybe you have been exposed to those groups that exclude folks? I've heard of groups where they do not want folks on medication-is this what you mean? If it is, stay away because they do not practice the traditions.

I'd advise keeping quiet and the right person will appear that you may want as a sponsor who can lead you to "good AA" my take is it is all good even if it is bad because we learn from it all.

I find speaker meetings and step meetings the best "recovery"

I'm in NY and we have so many to choose from. Some are weaker then others but all offer some sobriety. Maybe if you get to a meeting that is not helping you with recovery, you can "insert" some yourself as that may be the reason HP led you there.

Anyway, go on the internet and I'm sure there is a local meeting list and try to find a speakers or step (speaker meetings are few sorry to say)

Please let me know about the judging because, pardon me, it sounds funny as who in AA can judge anyone without calling the kettle black.

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