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Default people still dont understand

I was accused of taking LSD at work about a week ago. Even tho my office knows about my rehab and supports it, people that don't understand why I just cant "stop" taking pain killers still spread rumors and being that I work around heavy eqp. they are concerned. I had to sit down and explain what it does,what my plans are for staying clean,and take a hair folical test just to prove that im not a junkie anymore. I feel my rehab is personal. but in a way I understand why they freak out about me taking a little piece of paper. my company offers free rehab but I wanted to do it on my own. not for them,but for me,my kids, and my wife. guess they want me to stand out. I have a high position and a few guys under me but after this they look at me different. and the crazy part is I know they do drugs and I have talked to them about ways to get off. I have the power to fire them but I feel like a hipacrite for doing that. idk....... well time for work. stay clean and have a great day. one at a time.
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Default people still dont understand

Brian, let me say ,you are Not alone in all of this. The misunderstanding of Buprenorphine treatment aloug with others placing Shame and Guilt on thoses getting this treatment to me, is just ignorence (sp).
Your saving your life. your family comes first too.
Others love to sit in judgment. Sorry you had to go though the act of Proving to Them just what yojr treatment is. Ive seen it all, in the 4 years ive been taking subs how people react. Basing MY RECOVERY on how They all think I should being doing it.
Just saw on fb how an old friend in na tells Us how loug and when Sub treat Should be giving. How Dare he, or ANYONE tell someone how to recover.
Tbe tide is slowly turning ,thank God.

If indeed they are all still useing, they have no right to judge you Brian. Show them with your actions at work just how well you are. There the ones still sick imo..Your doing great as I see it, well from here on a forum. ha.
You have support here ,keep posting if you like. And remember, You are doing Nothing Wroug. Your winning now.
good luck......MAXXXX
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Hi briantheplumber. I wouldnt worry about what anyone thinks because they dont pay your bills! Do whats best fpr you and your family because thats who cares for you. Amd if you have the power to fire and they are messing up fire them!! Thanks! Matt
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Default Ignorance

There will always be those who judge us. I gave up a long time ago trying to convince people what addiction is and how suboxone treatment works. They will NEVER understand because it has to be experienced to be understandable. As long as you are doing what works for you then forget what others think. They all I'm sure, have skeletons in the closet. It's easy to sit and judge when you haven't walked in another's shoes. Keep your head held high and just feel sorry for people who are so narrow minded that they don't have the mental ability to think out of the box.
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There was a resently ADA case where a company wouldn't hire a methadone patient because they assumed he had impairment while taking methadone which apparently he had been for years on a stable dose that didn't cause any major amount of drowsiness. He apparently was able to prove and there were expert witnesses that asserted that he was safe to do the work without being dangerous to himself or others as the company assumed when he was tested and the company found out that he had being on methadone program. I do not recall the whole case but it as in the last two years. I founded by Googleing ADA Methadone. The company assumed the methadone patient would be impaired while working on methadone. There is currently a case I believe in Kentucky of a nurse who is on Suboxone and for some crazy reason both Drug Court and the Kentucky Licensing Board are prejudiced about medication assistance recovery. I think she is likely to win.
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Brian, if the company required you to take the hair follicle test and leaked that information, then they violated HIPAA and PII regulations
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Hi morphing. Yes that is definately a violation. No medical info is supposed to be discussed between anyone except you and them. I would definately check into that. Medical records are supposed to be very private. Thanks and hit me up if you need! Matt
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After the inductions today. There were me and three other guys ( my wife accompanied me) I could see the uncertainty in her eyes. We met in a group with the doctor and he explained the whole system to is. And I could see him explaining it put my wife at ease. He said clean time starts with bupe. To be an addict there must be a secondary gain. And said I could no more walk away from the bupe, then I could stop taking my insulin. And asked if I was an insulin addict. That brought it home for me. I'm gonna look for some an meetings. I won't divulge the fact that I'm on bupe. Because it's my business and I know their stance on it.
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Hey briantheplumber! I seriously would not worry about what anyone else thinks! Unles they are running your bath water, cutting your checks, or cooking your will be fine!! Good luck!!!!
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