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Question New, would like to join in

Hey out there, I picked this Addiction Survivors card up at DUI class. I have been in a relapse for several months. Drinking isn't really my thing, however, when in this deep, I'll do about anything to change the way I feel. I haven't had a drink since 1/21/10. But, I had a relapse on opiates a few weeks ago. I know about the steps. I've been in or around NA for years. I would love to chat about the steps. Glad they'll be beginning again soon. I have a question: Theres a lot of talk on this sight about medication assisted recovery. I spent years on methadone maintenance. It didn't work for me. I'd get kicked off one clinic and go out of city/state to another! It was as bad or even worse. Seems if I put any opiate in my system, I want more and more. I was on high doses too. Still didn't work. I didn't think I would ever get off it. I had to though. I would just do more on top of the clinics dosage. It killed more than one friend of mine. They were like me I guess. I'm not judging those helped that way. Who knows, maybe it saved my life at some point. My hat's off to anyone that gets any long term success that way. My question is: Is this the right sight for me? Is it for people on medication assist? Or for anyone? Thanks for being a voice in my darkness. I've been to a few meetings-weeks ago.
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Hi there Humanbecoming,

Welcome to the Steps w/o Stigma Folder and Welcome to the site!

A lot of the people here take Suboxone, which is vastly different than Methadone in how it works. But, please understand, the forum and the chats, especially Step Chat are for anyone in recovery! So please, join right in.

So no worries here, recovery is the deal, not what tools you choose to use in your recovery plan, we are here to support each other, period.

I hope you can make it to chat and please, feel free to use the forum for support, there are a lot of really nice people here.

As you think, so shall it be!
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Sunny Rae
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Hi there Humanbecoming,

This place (although I haven't been a regular) is great. If anything, people are here to listen, and will sometimes respond. There is no negative to it really. I have a really addictive personality also, and constantly find myself doing anything to not be sober. Anyway, I haven't worked the steps yet, hopefully they will help me too!

Good luck to you

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sunny rae, are you sunny that was on here along time ago. Hi how are you. I was always wondering how you were doing. If you are write back to me, if you remember me
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Mike, thanks for answering my post. I missed Mon. I was asleep. I have trouble sleeping at night because I have run out of my depression meds. So, I just catch a few hours here and there when my system wears itself out. Anyway, I'll talk to you soon. I'm so glad you all are here. Humanbecoming
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Thanks Sunny Rae. I appreciate you taking time to welcome me. I am grateful for this opportunity. I am a loner by nature, so, this will help me. Really, I love to engage with people of like kind. Some of it is a problem with isolation. I am drawn to it when I'm mentally and spiritually unhealthy. Good luck to you too!

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Hi welcome to the sight! Everyone her is just trying to be sober just because most of us are on suboxone doesnt mean thats all we need to recover. I know I personally enjoy the chatting with ppl about our addictions, were all alike but still so different! If youve never tried sub this is definately the place you can learn about it if your interested it is totally different than methadone! Either way were all just here to support eachother feel free to jump in and give any thoughts or advice on addiction or just share if you feel you want to. Theres no limit to the posibilities! Again welcome!!
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Hi, I just joined, but have been on sub for a couple of years. I live in a small town so am glad to be back in touch with others on suboxone.
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Hello Humanbecoming! Welcome. I just started chatting on this site a couple weeks ago... I needed it a long time ago. It has been exactly what I needed to help me with my recovery. Please stay.. you won't be let down. I have been addicted to opiates for three years... suboxone for two. Either way I haven't had the strength to stop on my own and I am blessed to be clean at this point. I hope this helps you.
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Welcome Humanbecoming!!!!!
I had to reply to your post, becuase I TOO tried the "methadone maintenance" and completely failed. And totally agree that if it helps people, more power to them.
I however, as soon as I took the methadone, almost forgot about the other drugs I went to the methadone for!!! I was like "where has THIS been all my life??" LOL (now that its over)
ANYway, it made things spiral down hill very fast. I never got as sick with the other pills as I did coming off the methadone.
so I have had 6months of sucess with suboxone, I think mostly becuse it makes me feel normal,,it didnt totally comatose me like the methadone did.
I dont feel a high or low with the suboxone. I just feel good, like in a good mood, able to get out of bed. And I still had bad cravings the first few months. I called my counselor alot, and a very good friend of mine that has been in the program 3 yrs. thats one thing id say to any new person,,, it doesnt matter WHO you call, or if it helps to write on this site,,,whatever it takes to get thru it, it does slowly get by day,sometimes minute by minute..
and look im at 6 months already..the moment you get confident, is the moment your in trouble though!!
Just wanted to share my has helped me alot to write on ths site, I just got a computer though. so im new to the site also..
best wishes and ggggooooooooddd luck out there
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I'm not on sub or anything either. I opted against them for personal reasons. I guess to some degree I was afraid putting any pill in my mouth would form yet another crutch for me. I'm learning recovery is quite different for everyone; and I've only been clean a few days. But I'm doing well. I love this site!! It helps me tremendously just to know I can hop on here and write if I feel the need, or simply read :-) I'd love to chat with others on here, I've just yet to figure out how to do so!

Welcome, best of wishes to recovery, and God bless us all!!
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Originally Posted by recovery72 View Post
...I'd love to chat with others on here, I've just yet to figure out how to do so!
Hi recovery72, as far as chatting with others, besides posting, we have 'chats' twice a week that you're more than welcome to join in. This link gives all the info:

Maybe we'll 'see' you there soon!

Important disclaimer: Any information in this post is not and does not constitute medical advice under any circumstances. Addiction Survivors, Inc. does not warranty or guarantee the accurateness, completeness, adequacy or currency of the information contained in or linked to the Site. Your use of information on the Site or materials linked to the Site is entirely at your own risk. NEVER take any online advice over that of a qualified healthcare provider. Any information contained on should only serve to inspire further investigation with credible, verifiable references sources such as your physician or therapist.
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Default Welcome Humanbecoming

Dear Humanbecoming,

You are right where you belong, in a group of people who are trying to work their way out of opiate dependence and into a life that works for them. I don't know what the answer is for you personally, but I think you are asking the right questions. If you can get to an NA meeting, it would probably be helpful to be around others who are fighting the same fight you are. If you can't get to a meeting, going online and sharing is good too.

I know before I was able to stop using for longer than a few hours, I would spend time in online forums asking for help. The seed was planted in me that recovery was possible, even if not for me at that particular moment, for other people. That gave me some hope. I was so isolated, it was a dark time, and your message brought those thoughts and feelings right back to the surface.

Today is different. I have a life fuller and richer than I could have dreamed for myself back then. Material possessions come and go, but the love and trust I have with the people in my life today are real and don't fade to grey when I awaken in the mornings.

If I can do anything to help you in your journey I am here to help. You can respond here or send me a private message and I will respond. Take care and be good to yourself, you are worth it!

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