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Talking Starter taper from sub and looking for advice

I want to begin by saying I have recently registered with this site after reading through some threads. I'm not even sure if I'm posting this is the correct place but I want to attempt a two week sub taper starting at 2mg a day. Any tips or support from people that have been through this before could be so valuable for me. This will be my first time sharing the burden of my addiction with anyone. I have never been to any meeting or even spoken to anyone that's been through this but this community seems so supportive and helpful that I had to reach out. I'll be grateful for any assistance on my journey to a healthy life. Reading through the threads on this site have already giving me so much strength and courage and made me feel for the first time that I can do this! Thank you all in advance for future suggestions and for the confidence you've already given me! You guys are great and I think this is exactly what I need to finally make the jump!
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Hi Buddyguy12, welcome! How long have you been taking 2mg? One of the biggest things about a taper is that people have better success when they've addressed their addiction and fixed things that may have been damaged during active addiction - such as finances, relationships, getting proper help for pain, anxiety, depression - things that may have led to self medication. Did you happen to come across this thread while reading? It's about the phases of treatment. It might be helpful.

Slow and steady seems to be give the best results during a taper. If you're not comfortable doing a two-week taper, can you slow down a bit? Sorry for all of the questions.

One thing you could try is stopping completely. And when/if you feel badly take just enough to take the edge off of any withdrawals. We've also had people here just stop at 2mg and work through it with comfort meds or just plain perseverance because they didn't have clonidine or access to more bupe. Runner's thread is good in that she gives a lot of good tips, including supplements that helped.

Keep posting and we'll support you through this!

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I was on suboxone over 3 years and have been opiate free for over 5.

Just taking the medication alone may work, but you will have a better success rate if you go to counseling or some type of therapy or AA/NA. It's paramount in your recovery. Coming here is a good 1st step and I applaud you for that . Maybe this will be a stepping stone to reaching our further.

If you have to do 2 weeks, try this...
2mg for 4 days
1mg for 6 days
.5 mg for 6 days

Keep us posted on your progress.
God Bless
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