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Default Feel like dying

I am a 65 yr old woman, trying to live with a BiPolar, severe depression, diabetic, med ically disabled, Voice hearing , 40 yr old son on crystal meth. He has spent time in prison and that messed up his brain also. I don't want the police involved but he is getting worse. We argue mostly about my car and money. I am his payee from SS and i take most of his check, If I don't do exactly as he tells me he screams and throws a fit. I know I am enabling him, but the consiquences are not worth it. He has now threatened that if I don't do exactly he is going to hurt me. He has been in all kinds of councilling PLUS he refuses to take his pysch meds. I try and slip his meds for voices in his drink, but can't always do that. My son thinks his father is still alive and talks non stop screaming and yelling. He calls me by some made up name and yells at me constantly. I just want to learn how to live with this.
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Hi Ryanie57, welcome. I'm sorry to hear what is going on. Since he taking psych meds, can you talk with his doctor(s) about what he is doing - especially not taking his meds and using meth? I wonder if there's any way the doctors can get him to go to an inpatient center for long-term treatment?

You have to take care of yourself. Since he is using meth, those threats to hurt you could become a reality while he is under the influence. It doesn't sound like you can even reason with him to set down any boundaries or tell him to leave.

I sympathize with your situation. I just don't know any answers on how you can learn to live with someone who is so out of control. Can you see if there are any Alanon meetings near you. There you may be able to talk with others who are going through or have gone through what you are.

Have you thought about seeing a therapist who might be able to guide you better?

Those are some things that come to mind.

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Thanks for getting back with me. Thought about Al-Non but he wouldn't let me out of the house that long. I can go to the grocery but that's it. I don't have any friends because of him, so I can't say I'm going to a friends. Today, has been very long, he's gone now to go get more meth. His finances are gone after today so I am bracing for next few days of him screaming and demanding money. Oh I forgot to say he is also schizophrenic and I am a heart pt. Yea! Well he will not take any meds or go back to any doctors. Guess I will just keep waiting til I have to call the paramedics. Either for him or me.
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