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Default Is there such thing as less naloxone

Do they make 8/1 suboxone or something close to it
Why are the MD so afraid to prescribe subtext as long as you are doing everything right
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Hi shea2617, welcome. There are two different manufacturers whose products have less naloxone because of the better bioavailability of their product.

Orexo has Zubsolv. A sublingual tablet. The equivalent to a Suboxone 8/2 film would be a 5.7/1.4 tablet.

BDSI has Bunavail, a buccal film which is placed on the inside of the cheek instead of under the tongue. The equivalent to a Suboxone 8/2 film would a 4.2/0.7mg buccal film.

That might be something to try. Some people who have a hypersensitivity to naloxone wait until the film is dissolved and then spit out the saliva. In the meantime you could see if that helps you.

I honestly don't understand the fear doctors have about prescribing the bupe only meds, especially if they know their patients. There are some who are afraid that the DEA will come down on them if they do because of misinformation. Others just refuse to for really no reason.

If you try either of the other products, here's some information on savings:

Zubsolv free meds:
Zubsolv discount card:

Bunavail free meds: I couldn't find a free med program.
Bunavail discount card:

Hope that's helpful.

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Thank you for the info
At the ER as soon as I said the words suboxone I was treated with no respect I also received a phone call from someone claming to be a doctor who did research on safety of naloxone stating that no one has adverse reaction to naloxone. Any researcher know there is going to be some part of the polulation that is going to have reactions that don't show in there research that's why it's called practicing medicine everyone isn't the same
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Fear of the DEA and ignorance are what keeps the Bupe/Naloxone combination going. Many doctors don't understand that the naloxone has low bioavailability through the sublingual route, and is designed to prevent I.V. abuse.
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I finally had enough I couldn't eat swallow so I quit taking my suboxone I can eat again but now I am with drawing I'm recently read what others are saying about the generic forms of suboxone that is what I was given like so many others having problems at least I no longer feel alone for all those having issues I'm praying for you please do the same for me I struggle with pain for back surgeries fibromyalgia and subutex gave me my life back
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