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Default Need help getting off benzos

Hello everyone and anyone reading! I have always had a problem with taking any type of Benzos and they have really started becoming problematic here lately in my life because Ive started a suboxen program for opiod addiction, my doctor just recently gave me a urine test and I failed it She has prescribed me a anxiety and depression medication that seems to be helping a little bit. My question is is there anything I can take or purchase to help with my anxiety that is safe to take and non addicting?
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Hi SweetAmbie, did you stop the benzos cold turkey? Benzos should be tapered down and off of to be safe. What has your doctor prescribed to you, is it to help you taper off of the benzos?

Also remember that some medications do not work right away, some anti-depressants can take 4 to 6 weeks to get full effect. Are you in therapy at all?

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Hi nancy and thanks for the quick responce! No I am not in therapy ive chosen to take the online avenue through this whole process, they put me on citalpram and no i was never winged off of the nerve pills, i guess thats why i have had such a big problem with them.
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