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Default A cure for tolerance, and why we'll never see it.

I read a while back something thought provoking and interesting. Granted I was in a hydro fueled haze, half nodding off at 4am usually when I did my research, And I'm going to write this bit mostly from memory, so please forgive and feel free to correct me if you are better informed than I am of this tale.

There was a drug used back in the 50s, developed in Germany called Proglumide. (sic?)Although this drug was researched and developed as an ulcer medication, it is no longer used, as advances in ulcer medications rendered it obsolete.

Yet, while they were conducted clinical trials of Proglumide, an interesting side effect came to light, and the test subjects who were taking certain pain medicines felt the effect of those potentiated significantly after only a few days on this new medicine. This was seen as more of a problem at the time, and patients were advised not to combine this medicine if they were on certain pain medicines.

Well, years went by and Proglumide was no longer prescribed for much of anything, when a scientist ran across the original research and was interested in the particular side effect. (As many know the side effect of another medicine is now sold for that side effect.... Viagra)

He conducted his own research, even obtaining grants for his work, and he discovered that Proglumide when used as a week on / week off dosage schedule actually reduced or prevented tolerance to opiods

When a person takes opiods regularly (or excessively as it was in my case) levels of a neuropeptide called CCK increase and continue to increase,

(again remember I'm trying to do this from a bad memory you'll have to look up what CCK stands for)

CCK acts as an antagonist on the opiods, which is why a person needs more and more opiods to produce the same effect. (chasing the high!)
The CCK is produced by the body "blocking" the opiates, so after a while, the 5mg that would last you all day long, for an addict, turns into 10mg, 20mg, 30mg etc.... ie. tolerance

The reason that script will start to run out earlier and earlier, the reason people doctor shop, and use different pharmacies, go online looking for more,..the reason that sweet girl down the street started with five dollars worth of heroin on Fridays, and now has a $400 a day habit.

Oh, well that reason,... and the fact that addicts minds just work a little different from others., a medical condition, which I have, but could not understand about others till I realized it.
Some people will feel great on opiates, but not feel the overwhelming desire to continue taking them long after you need to... well, enough on that, if you're here, you'll know or learn more about that from other posts.

Back to my story...

The scientist brought his findings to his sponsers ( a well know drug company that will find me and make me pay if I mention their name- so it's a good thing i forgot it )
And they decided to shut down his research and close the books on proglumide.

Why?.. What if... A heroin addict only needed $10 a day for his habit? What if a Vicodin addict only needed 5mg every 6 to 8 hours as needed?
What if Oxy abusers only needed 1/4 pill to last all day long?

Would they end up stealing for it? Would they be prostituting themselves for heroin? Holding up pharmacies at gunpoint?

What if you could go to your doctor and say, I am getting addicted to this opiate and my tolerance is getting so high, I am running out of money, but will do anything for it cause I'm an addict? And I don't want to be a prostitute, or a thief or robber... Could you please prescribe me some proglumide?

Maybe part of a program to quit, so maybe a user would only have to withdrawal from a 5mg a day vicodin habit, instead of say like me a 200mg one?!.

Or maybe just your average chronic pain person who is physically dependant, but has to take opiates everyday for his back pain, can say, "Doc.. I would rather just take two pills a day, because the thousands of milligrams of tylenol that's mixed in with my hydro might be too much for my liver, so can I start a proglumide schedule to keep my tolerance low,?

What if?

What could it hurt to keep researching a drug like that?

Well, I'm glad you asked.. Of course these are theories. But if I was a street pusher, and was selling $5, $10 and $40 bags of drugs, and somebody suggested another drug that sells for $2 would give people the same effect for $5, as the $40 one without it., I would do the Joe Pesci on the guy who suggested it.

And that'skind of what happened. a patent was secured and the drug is not available in the U.S. at all.

If you were Joe's Drug company, and you could sell someone 30 pills or 100 pills, with the same effects with your main motive being profit,.. you wouldn't need to do any math to figure that out at all.

Not too mention, methodone would be just another street drug.

I'm sure you can look up the 'real' facts online about this drug, as others have, and I believe it's already making it's way on the foreign pharmacy scam circuit. It may be available in Germany, but will never be anything more than an obsolete ulcer medicine, unless you have the millions of dollars to get it further researched and approved, in which case we could pretty much knock the societal parts of drug addiction in the U.S. down by about 70%.

Well, Hope you thought this story as interesting as I did when I 1st read about it. /but for now, I've gotta go....

Me and Joe Pesci are going to knock over some convenience stores for Suboxone money.
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It's ashame that they won't allow it but the government makes deals with pharmacutical companies and I am sure you know why it's not allowed to be perscribed... THE #1 MOST PERSCRIBED MED IN THE USA IS HYDROCODONE!!! Wow thats messed up!
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