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Default Side effects?

I was taking subutex going great pulling out of constant sadness and desperation active in church and community was switched over to suboxone feeling very very bad throat and toung feel raw and throat feels like its being squeesed hard to swallow haven't been eating its that bad low grade fevers shaking muscle spasms in throat. Been to Er told having panic attacks. I understand why md switched everyone and I believe subocone and subtext ect. Are a blessing went to my pcp had blood work and strep test Negs for strep. I also take celexia and trazadone and Excedrin looking for answers and understanding doctor that realizes sometimes subtext
Needs to be prescribed anyone else feel the same
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Hi again, I responded to your other post and gave you some information about the two other bup/nx products that are out now that maybe you could try. Also try spitting out the saliva after the medication is dissolved.

Why did your doctor switch everyone? What has s/he said about your throat and tongue irritation?

Another thing to think about is that many people get much better absorption with the films, so you may feel better taking less medication. If you're taking 8mg now, think about trying -or asking your doctor if you can try- 4mg. It could take a few days to notice a difference, if there is one. If 4mg causes you to have cravings/withdrawals, then you can increase 2mg to 6mg and see if that works. That has helped a bunch of people here over the years. Might just work for you.

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